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    I believe Ultra Instinct should be added to DBC. It should be a transformation any race can achieve because Berus and Whis and the gods have the ability to get it. It should be VERY draining on the users KI. It should have a multiplier of x15 or x20 because it made Goku much stronger than his SSBlue x20 kaio ken. It should be very hard to get.

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    tsunayoshi sawada

    I agree, it’s multiplier is way above SSB Kaio-ken and it’s should be extremely hard to get it when it gets implemented.

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    Matan Kovach

    First of all the multiplier starts from ssblue like the ssj2 and ssj3 gap is like between 100x and 400x so you shouldn’t be surprised by that because the multiplier dosen’t start from ssblue kaioken 20x it starts from blue and its like 100x multiplier also gohan new form or vegeta new form will go above ssblue kaioken 20x because every form is like one level above each one like the ssj3 400x multiplier.

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    TDS Odyssey

    Or shouldn’t be added in at all because nothing is known about it.

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    First of all,

    I disagree with your idea, why you may ask is because.

    We know little about Ultra Instinct, the multiplier will be too high even though the tp amount to get the skill itself will be a lot but still, we know little about Ultra Instinct so is best that this idea should be kept away first instead of telling it out very fast.

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    It also Grants Dodge hax. Sure there’s been dodging montages from basically anyone especially when a new form is debut. But that form is like some kind of precognition level of movement.

    On one hand anyone can get it. Just adding another power boost alone wouldn’t be enough to convey the form given it’s feats thus far.

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    Matan Kovach

    No The multiplier dosen’t matter because he should follow every level multiplier like what tsunayoshi said it’s so wrong you don’t look at ssblue + kaioken multiplier the multiplier starts from ssblue alone kaioken is just a power boost but a multiplier for a level above ssblue should be like ssj2 and ssj3 multiplier because it was as well from ssj3 to ssj god and to ssj blue it’s the same they just added ssj with god powers you can think about it like ssj1 + god ki is ssgod and ssj2 + god ki is ssblue ssj3 + god ki is Ultra instinct with a technique called instant movements or self movements dosent really matter but this is kind of the idea of the multiplier like if we go with ssj3 to ssj + god ki which make ssgod then lets say its the same multiplier from ssj2 to ssj3 so lets say its 400x more times then ssgod will be 800x stronger than ssj2 and 400x stronger than ssj3 the same goes for ssblue and ultra instinct the multiplier is the same its just that ultra instinct involve self movements like whis said but the power is the same multiplier it’s just one level above ssblue.

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    Well in the Show they stated that ultra instict was very hard to get, even a god such as Beerus havent mastered it yet. but Obviously whis and his family learned ultra instict. if you remember in the show when he was training Goku and Vegeta.
    so i think the only way ultra instict should be added is when jin actually adds whis, so you can learn it.

    But it dosent require mind but body, and it also dosent require tp just for your stats to be at a certain level. and after you completed the buu saga.
    You can temp gain it after you die you lose it and it only activates when your close to dieing, to temp gain it you have to have a certain amount of body then either you lose to a clash or you die to a enemie. this is a 10 percent chance..

    And UInstict should make you teleport one block around you any time you get hit (you dont recieve damage)

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    I think that your idea that you activate the ultra instinct when you have little life is fine, but that you lose when you die does not seem like a good idea because you like the taste for a skill you lose when you die I think you can activate when you are about to die and that is activated sometimes

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    no i believe it should be added with a dodge feature to automatically dodge those that attack you with melee and teleport you slightly out of the way of the punch but would heavily drain stamina to do so yeah a multiplier right above ssb would seem fitting but i wouldn’t like this unless it had a dodge feature because ultra instinct is all about letting your mind be clear and your body fighting on its own maybe its own auto hit feature every couple of seconds as well as soon as you’re in range of and look at an enemy yes this would be overpowered but it should have a terribly high TP cost as well as heavily draining stamina for each dodge with ki drain for the form, if it were like this it would be insanely powerful defensively for a short time

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    why don’t we think about how enderman dodge arrows? UI could be made like this:

    you use the enderman dodge power and replace the arrow dodge with punch dodge or something like that, and decrease the range in which you get teleported away

    i think that this is the best way to make UI work

    what are your thoughts about it?

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      Sam Noé

      Getting your hitbox hit by an attack from an entity is different from having your hitbox and the projectile entity’s hitbox colliding. I’m no expert but I’m pratically sure it wouldn’t work the same way…but the idea isn’t bad at all.
      Then again : damage negation + random 2-5 radius teleport after damage negation caused by UI would do the trick.

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    id say make ui omen which just doges and actually weakens your punch a bit and drains ki and stamina and then make mastered ui which has the doge the stronger than blue kaioken x100 punch and doesnt drain stamina very much or ki as i believe and this is just my opinion mui is easier to sustain then ui omen because omen was almost a half way transformation its a sign not the proper thing which we know that it werent the whole thing because we get told that.

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