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      Do Ultra Instinct with changing the aura colour and the eyes
      If i could i would try to make the HD Ultra Instinct Eyes for free and for everyone.
      And one more thing. When you will have Ultra Instinct there would be a button to slow down time
      only for you/or for all players and everyone would see that or would see you being really fast
      and then a dodge button so when someone would punch you,you would have to hold down a button so they would be missing like goku dodge all the hits!
      And if they would wan’t to hit you while being in ultra instinct other players would need it too to hit you. <3 and there would be a button for the eyes like 1 block eyes or the 2 block eyes 😉

      So yeah please consider or please make it happen thank’s so much!!!

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      A+ For an actual suggestion on how it’d work

      F For not considering how it is pretty much impossible to do that idea, considering that you can’t just slow down time for one person in multiplayer. It is also pretty impossible in general to slow down time. Minecraft isn’t the type of game you could do this with, sorry.

      If I am wrong, and someone with the proper knowledge over this corrects me, that’d be fine. However I am fairly certain that this idea is impossible.

      I don’t really have a comment for your texture stuff, doesn’t matter to me.

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        maybe look up the time controll remote mod or however it’s called and well it’s basically his idea

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      Henry bushard

      F- for not looking at what he said he said that there should be a button to make everything look slow to you and make you look very fast to others so in your screen everyones slow but and your walking normal but in there screen you are fast plus the f is only for the slow thing but the rest of the things are good and if what i said doesnt work than just make it so that the nearest person to you gets slowness and you get a faster but im pretty sure what i said would work with a long time of coding it could actually be made into a feature in the code it could say (this is not code im about to say just words) if a person is in ui then on there screen everyone is slow but you and if not ui and sombody is then on your screen he is super fast either jin does it or the owner of the dragon force server will do a server only transformation for ui that will be probibly somthing like this but if jin adds it it will be alot better so its not just server only.

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        See, neither of those ideas even work for what Ultra Instinct is.

        Ultra Instinct is your body moving without you doing anything to make it move.

        Having a slow down feature makes no sense, and giving people a slowness effect makes no sense.

        Anyway, I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re suggesting, but neither of these ideas seem to work with the concept of Ultra Instinct, the mastery of Self-Movement.

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      Thanks Guy’s!

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      For you to seem fast to other players already happens just fight people who lag alot that’s a feature that’s been around for a long time

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      Henry bushard

      having a slow feature makes sense i mean look whis uses it and what happens he becomes stronger and faster than ssjgx20 kaioken goku. ui makes you move with out you tell your mind to and what does that do that makes your faster how do you think goku became as fast as jiren when he becam ui because it makes you faster and stronger that is the reason goku became so strong and was able to fight jiren and he lost because he lost the form as it was temporary but can tap into it again. so ui should have a faster feature it makes sense.

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      Luis Felipe


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      how about you autododge attacks but it consumes stamina, and it’s a constantly active ability because it’s not a transformation.

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        Thats a good idea too :3

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      serverside timeslow is almost impossible, unless you made it so that everyone moved slower and punched slower.

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