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    Nathaniel Brandon

    SO I was thinking of a way how ultra instinct can work so if you just a make a form that we can go into that allow stamina and you can generally move faster and if you can only get hit once every 5sec so your not completely not getting hurt

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    Vince Jerald Santos

    every 15sec

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Very hard.This codification not are only place:DO IT PC.I know,can not be so hard (i didn’t know make saga,but it are hard,and create a mod are more hard :/)So,probably will be different(my opinion)

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    In the fisks superheroes mod theres a speedster ability that allows you to slow down time around you, now that might be too op but its something to think about

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    that skill is disabled in multiplayer

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      oh ok i thought that it was just a thing you could toggle on servers. My bad. Thank you for letting me know though

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