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    I know that UI wasn’t even released but I got an interesting idea
    When you have divine effect you can handle UI/MUI how many time you want or even you remain without Ki
    But when you are “ningen”(mortal) you would get that nerf if you even have full ki/stamina after you use UI you remain with 0 ki and after MUI you remain at 1 HP and 0 ki
    IDK if you like my idea

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    That’s not a bad idea. It would work especially well with servers.

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    Not bad but,Explain more about the UI side effects pls

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    Sam Noé

    ANOTHER GODAMN UI PO-oh wait it’s actually relevant this time.
    Jokes appart, good idea. But I’d rather say being left at 5% life for MUI rather than one HP, cause that means that if you were in mid air, you’ll probably die from the fall, which would be ridiculous for someone who masters a above-god level power. And also, it simply wouldn’t be fun to die each time you do an air fight or are more than two block above the ground.
    5% is low enough to be in great danger against almost any opponent.

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