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    Dominick Finch

    Now before people jump onto me I know that this form isn’t fully explained. I know that we don’t know jack shit about it. So when/if it gets explained further in the future I will elaborate on this further and expand or change it. Next, I am not pushing Jin to add this. I have seen people jump onto other people who suggested it saying that he should flesh out other things first. This I completely agree on. But I have to get my ideas out there as it has been a while since I made a post. Also I’m afraid I’ll forget it. So please don’t jump onto me about this. So onto the form.
    Who can get it:
    This should be available to all races. But it will be a pain in the ass to get. But that’s pretty much it for this one. Onward!
    How to get it:
    This will be a little longer than the last. You can get it two ways. First way: only the angels should be allowed to teach it. Whis and the others if they are added. Because from what I seen on Ultra Instinct in the special Goku learned to move his body without thinking. Like Whis told him to back in the Resurrection F arc. I might be wrong, correct me if I am but that’s what I’m getting from the form. As far as we know Whis and most likely the other angels are the only ones that have mastered this ability. Possibly a few gods of destruction. I haven’t watched episode 111 yet so if anything about that was explained in there, forgive me. This way would have to be absurdly expensive though. As Goku had to reach a whole new paradigm t get it. Let’s see, the base cost of God Form is 50,000 TP. I don’t know the base mind. Somebody please tell me. But anyway I would say Ultra Instinct would be around 200,000-500,000 TP. I know a lot, but what do you expect? Another way to get it is if you have SSJB and the Spirit Bomb. This part would have to be divided into subsets on how to get it as some servers have super form with Kaioken enabled and others don’t. So the first way. You have Kaioken x20 and SSJB on. You fire the Spirit Bomb and another person fires it back at you. You have a small chance, maybe %10, of breaking your limit and becoming Ultra Instinct. And if you don’t have super form with Kaioken enabled you have to have your TP to half your max stats and do the spirit bomb thing. This would be about a %5 success rate. I know that’s quite a bit smaller than the Kaioken one but that’s what you get for playing on a world/server that doesn’t have super form with Kaioken on. Now you might be thinking that the best way to go is the Spirit Bomb Kaioken route. Which it probably is but there are some upsides to buying it from Whis. This is when you buy it from Whis. Instead of starting at level 1 it will start higher. Not maxed but somewhere around 3-5. This is because you learned it from a master instead of stumbling across it by chance. Now I know you might be thinking, “but you said this section would only be a little longer than the last” well I lied. Good news though! This is the last of this section.
    What it does:
    Now before I continue on let me tell you of an idea I seen in the DevBlog a while back about God Ki. To give the short version of it Crimson basically said that God Ki will break your limits, give access to god forms, and make it easier to level up. Now I will integrate this idea with mine. What I suggest is that the God Ki gives you the power to go to 2x the server maximum. So if the server maximum is 50,000 once you get God Ki it goes to 100,000. And by the way this is directly from the DevBlog post that Crimson made a while back. It’s on page 5 if you want to be sure. They were just ideas but, as far as I know, they are the closest thing we have to a confirmed look at what God Ki will be like. So I will just be using that. Ultra Instinct can only be unlocked after maxing the God Ki skill and putting your stats at the maximum they can get with God Ki. Ultra Instinct will take it even further beyond. Once again you will break your limit but instead of doubling the maximum you will triple it! So the maximum without God Ki is 50,000. God Ki put’s it up to 100,000. Ultra Instinct will put it up to 300,000! And we haven’t gotten to the form itself. Alright time to get crazy. First of all it will have to be vastly more powerful than Kaioken x20 with SSJB. As far as I know with base multipliers SSJB is 3x your current skills and Kaioken x100 is 9x that. So I’ll highball and say x20 is around 2x SSJB. So let’s say all your stats are at 300,000. The maximum with God Ki and the Ultra Instinct skill. The UI transformation will raise your stats to 2,000,000. By the way from here on out I will be abbreviating Ultra Instinct as UI. But wait there’s more! When a person starts attacking you, you can enter auto move. Now you won’t automatically move as I know that would take a lifetime to code. But everything around you would start to slow down. This would allow you to react faster and move out of the way for punches. To fully utilize this feature there would need to be a little bit of a change in combat but I’ve dragged this post out long enough. I’ll address it later. Now this might be overpowered. But it’s supposed to be. And there is a price to pay for such power.
    The price to pay:
    There is an IMMENSE Ki drain when you first get it. Such as more than SSJ3’s drain. Also your stamina will drastically reduce each time you punch. So if you want to transform into it you better finish the fight fast. This will become slightly more bearable when it is maxed but it still isn’t something you can spam willy nilly. This is so the God forms won’t become completely irrelevant. Regular super saiyan is already irrelevant when you have the God Forms, so don’t let that be the case with UI. I would love this form in this mod. Though as I said before I do think other things should be fleshed out first. So although I do want this form, I can wait.

    Well that’s about it. Tell me what you think of this, Good? Bad? Okay? Meh? Tell me in the comments and as I’ve said before PM me if you want me to write a post for you. I would be happy to. I don’t have a lot of ideas for the mod and I would love to put my own spin on things. Well I’ve dragged this on long enough. Peace out!

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    Juanito Garces

    Whoa man your idea is a great idea but you can make this a bit different like the Ultra instinct and the “real god ki” (it will be the same thing if you have spoke.) be restricted for a configurable number of players and they will get a infinity destruction power like the hakaishins or a creation power like the kaioshins. SORRY FOR MY BAD INGLISH I’AM BRAZILIAN

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      Dominick Finch

      Well first of all your English is fairly good. Next the thing is nobody in dragon ball super has infinite power. Not the gods of destruction not Zeno not the Grand Priest. Sure they might be very, very, very, very powerful. But they are not infinite. Next that restriction thing, well I was thinking about doing that. But considering how hard UI would be to get there really isn’t any reason to. But nonetheless thanks for the feedback.

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    This is cool. A nice take on the concept.

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    Cool Idea but the thing is i made almost exactly the same idea but less detailed because i watched the episodes 109 and 110 and i imediately started to write it down in the suggestion and ideas section so before i forget it and it got not much details soo your version is an expansion of my version xD
    so that being said, we have the same idea, so i really LOVE your idea xD

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    Sam Noé

    Who can get it : agreed

    How to obtain:
    -The Angel Way : looks good, fair and balanced but instead of splurging moutains o’TP once again why not simply have a hard quest with limited time or a minigame that you’ll have to pass with 80% at least ?
    -The Genkidama way : Yeah BUT!!! it’ll work with all god forms and not only SSJB because that’d be giving Saiyans a unfair advantage then again. Also reduces chances to 1%: only geniuses among geniueses who have achieved a perfect mastering of god ki are supposed to attain this.

    What it does : 2 000 000 is pretty neat (to don’t say OMG TIS OP AF) but I’d prefer having it simply configurable.

    The price to pay : I’ve got an idea to add : each 10 seconds, there’s an x% chance that you resist dropping out, where x is (current mind/max mind with God Ki and UI)* 100 (so it’s a percentage). So if you’ve got 30 000 out of 300 000 mind well each 10 seconds there’s only 10% chance that you resist dropping out. So having a massively huge mind would be important to use this form. And that makes sense, isn’t mind the closest thing to instinct we have ? And if it’d takes ages to have a sufficient mind, well tis end game stuff so tis good.

    Well it’s crude but can’t be clearer than this.

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      Dominick Finch

      Well usually I play as a Saiyan. So when I said SSJB I did mean god form in general. Sorry about that.

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      okay so your additions are wonderful and yeah it really was like it that the form didn’t drain any ki at first but as soon as it was to much to handle goku dropped out and he himself then said: i have no energy left. so yeah your idea to the post is pretty close to the anime and i like it

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    Juanito Garces

    I have made a mistake with the infinity power this a very crazy thing i was said about the hakai and the “real god power” it will be like the god ki but a bit more powerful and can make you able to use the hakai with it’s 100% of power (if the hakai be addicionate.

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    What if you had to make your MIND stat super high inorder to buy the Ultra Instinct from Angels?

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    Hauke Ljepojevic

    Îts an great idea, but i would consider some tweaks regarding the UI from DBS:
    -After you triggered it the 1st Time, you are able to learn it from the angels (whis) for an incredible amount of Points and also high level mind.
    -You could upgrade UI up to LvL3:
    1st Lvl is like incomplete UI at the beginning.
    2nd Lvl is an better controlled UI like more efficient power ability.
    Final Lvl is Mastered UI, which turns your hair white like in Anime and increases your original idea, the bp the double of the Server Limit.
    -Also to make it special the hitbox would be unable to be punched by Players with lower Power Level than you (25000Minimum difference).
    The Aura is like the lightining Creeper, just change the colour of the aura to neo white

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      Dominick Finch

      I made this like six or seven months ago. So I didn’t know about MUI yet. I might make an updated take on it soon though.

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    @dominick I like the suggestion. But about your reply to juanito, I think I get what you meant in terms of “they’re not infinite” as in “they’re not omnipotent” but if you mean they haven’t reached some form of infinity I’m going to stop you right there. Goku, Jiren, And Vegeta have reached at least infinite ranges of power (arguably straight up infinitely 3rd dimensional). As when Jiren started to unleash his full power he shook the world of void, as did Goku when he became UI. The world of void is infinite, as stated by the grand priest. Then, Goku got even stronger than that after fighting Kefla(not to mention Jiren was so strong he was able to move in stopped time making Jiren somewhat 4th dimensional in power, while suppressed). Then Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, giving him (as stated by piccolo) boundless energy, which means Vegeta could also stand up to the “shaking infinity” feat (and if that statement doesn’t convince you that Vegeta could do said feat, he was then able to keep up with Jiren and Goku SSBKx20 to the point where Jiren, who had tanked a SSB full powered final flash to the face, had to counter an energy beam from vegeta with his fist so it wouldn’t hit him). Finally, Goku then awakened MUI, and if this wasn’t just an exaggeration, Goku had said in the preview for episode “out-of-this-dimension speed” which could mean they have infinite 3rd dimensional speed (which could explain how Jiren moved in the time freeze) but personally I don’t fully believe that statement, as it was just in the preview for the episode. I hope your not offended by this somehow (cause there’s always “those” people on the internet).

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    Vince Jerald Santos

    i think Main was better link here http://main.jingames.net/forums/topic/ultra-instinct-tranformation/#post-40840 down it (sorry for bad english im filipino)

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    I can agree with you but maybe everything around you will get slowness if that was what you were reffering to. if not then well thats what will happen. everything and everyone will get slowness 3 when they are 20 blocks away giving you enough time to block, dodge, or counter. while i am a fan of this technique it would have it’s limits if the skill isn’t maxed out. as in you can get easily knocked back or your KI runs out faster than normal. he can either add this or continue with the custom transformations so WE can make it. it would take a lifetime to program either way. Jin is adding custom transformations as far as i know. having a UI transformation Would have limits unless mastered, Ultra instinct Would last for a long time once mastered.

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    Whoa, I think it’s a good idea to add the ultra instinct but I would like that when you transform you are not transformed as in the super saiyans, it has to be when you are hurt, I would love that, I would also like it when the ultra instinct is (add it already: V) please please also the dominated but you will not have to train for the dominated, it will obviously need the ultra instinct and you will have to control it until you know how it goes and have the dominated. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I only say if you can, try it.

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    Jude Bergeron

    I have an idea about Ultra Instinct sign, and mastered forms, I think it should act more of a status effect, like whis said, its hard even for a god of destruction to even master it, and difficult to activate on its own, and at the final episode (temporarily) goku said he got it by accident. So here’s how I think we should achieve it, it would act similar to the legendary status effect, but to activate it, we should max out our god form skill, wait for a while for a certain chance to get it, then a silver aura picture would show up below our ki bar, and all our transformations including kaioken and mystic form would temporarily disappear (like the previous legendary status effect version) then we would be able to transform into ultra instinct sign, after that we would get a time limit (like in the anime) on how long we could stay in the form (like the ssg ritual) then after the time limit runs out, our transformations would come back, and we would earn the ultra instinct skill in the skills starting at lvl 1, but we would not be able to go back in the form until the ultra instinct status effect returns. The max level of ultra instinct would be lvl 2, then when the status effect returns when we max out our ultra instinct skill, we would go ultra instinct sign, then transform again into mastered ultra instinct. The mastered version would also have the time limit, but after the time limit runs out, again our transformations would come back, but also after the mastered version of the form time limit runs out, our health would instantly deplete about 8/10 severely while ultra instinct sign would only drain our ki instantly to about 8/10, the status effect would keep returning over and over, like the legendary status effect. And finally 4 new configs, 2 for the damage multipliers of the 2 forms would be: Ultra instinct -sign-, and Ultra instinct -mastered-, the 3rd config for the time limit of the forms we could be in, I think the max time limit would be 10 minutes, and the last config for the ki regeneration multipliers of the 2 forms. for all race characters in the ultra instinct sign form, they’re eyes will be silver but in mastered state, saiyans and earthlings hair will be silver, and similar to golden frieza, frieza’s race’s bodies will turn silver and so does the namekians as exclusive forms.

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