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      I already know a lot of people already have talked/said about this but I want to tell you about my idea, and I also know that we know very little information about Ultra instinct and what it can or can’t do mostly but let me just get to the point.

      How to achieve/unlock Ultra instinct? ( 2 Ways )
      First Way:
      Is to learn it from Goku but to get it you need the max tp amount that is 1b tp and a mind of around 10k as Ultra instinct is very powerful.
      Second Way:
      Is to either shoot a Spirit bomb at yourself or get a player to shoot it at you but by doing this there are little chances of it happing to get you Ultra instinct and I would say that is only a 10% or 15% chances of getting it through this method.

      What can it do such as What are the perks of this form?
      Being able to dodge attacks at very high speeds.
      A Very high boost in Speed.
      A Very high boost in Ki strength ( Mostly when you shoot a ki attack the amount of dmg is extremely high)

      Downsides of the form.
      That while using the form There is a very high drain in ki.
      A strain on your body physically mostly draining your health and also stamina.

      The Races that should be able to get this form are
      Saiyans, Half-Saiyans, Humans.

      The multiplier of the form that I recommend is mostly 4x – 5x.
      And I also believe that this also should have an effect on your con so it also multiplies STR, DEX, WILL but also on CON

      But can it stack with Kaioken?
      I really have no idea I’ll just leave this to jin to decide.

      But this is all I hope you really like my idea please tell me anything else if you want to I’ll be happy to hear it.

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      Any race can get Ultra Instinct

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      so yesterday the new episode came up and i watched it 2 or i think even 5 times xd and i have to think about the second way of getting it…
      your idea is still to get u.i. through a genkidama but i say no, because it’s just that he broke his limits by pushing himself over death. what i’m trying to say is, that it (also be attainable for all races) should be attained by being in your max state (for saiyans bluekaio x100; arcosians golden “ultimate” kaio x100; and so on with the max of the other races but no matter what the stats are at so it works when all your stats are at 10k or even 100 xd) and getting hit by a attack (a punch or even a ki attack) that would kill you have a chance in you surviving it with 1 hp (healing doesn’t count) but that has a really low chance to happen but that triggers the u.i. and you get that form temporary for like 2 mins but has a MASSIVE and i mean a MASSIVE boost and most of it is on dexterity and willpower but i would not say that it drains hp but it should drain stamina a bit.

      So thats how i think it should be like to attain it if it ever gets added in to dbc and i don’t wanna force jin to add it because i WOULD love it but it doesn’t HAVE to be in dbc
      Okay thats it now xD
      What do you guys think?

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      mhm is a good idea on when you say just for 2mins since yes u.i. is really strong and has a big boost in stats.


      But I think you can get it from Goku idk why since Goku is the only one in the DBS universe ( even if that exists ) that has ever reached that level and got that form.

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      yeah but it’s a state that everyone can reach because all the gods are different races. They may have not perfected it but goku got it through breaking through the “inner shell of his potential” how whis said it and it really is possible for every race and every fighter (except yamcha lol).

      I may would have written more but i’m sick with a headacke and really don’t feel THAT well ^^”

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      Yea, I guess so.

      Soz that you have a headache hope you get better.

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        thanks mate it’s already better now ^^

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      Like god Destruct who supports

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      Nah. I think the ways you get Ultra Instict should be different.
      The First Way
      Beerus and fellow gods, stated that no body can just learn Ultra instict.
      The Second Way
      In the show when Goku got hit with the spirit bomb it gave him Ultra instict temporary.
      All races can get ultra instict
      Goku Can Use Kaioken while in ultra instict Just im not sure what defects it gives him.
      and ultra instict should be a form that makes you as strong as a good makes you stronger the more you fight..
      I Didnt mean anything by this just stating certain facts.

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      Mhm, I guess so.

      But I thought of an Idea that if you shot a spirit bomb at yourself you may permanently get ultra instinct but they are a higher chance of getting it temp such as getting ultra instinct you may have like either < 1% to get it perm if not a 5% chance of getting it perm but if you got it temp is either a 10 – 15% of getting it.

      Another thing is that if you are going to get ultra instinct I think your stats need to be near something like all stats must be like 10k or 15k to get it.

      But I know this may sound like a bad idea but I don’t have any other ideas on how your going to get it ūüėõ

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      Well in the Show they stated that ultra instict was very hard to get, even a god such as Beerus havent mastered it yet. but Obviously whis and his family learned ultra instict. if you remember in the show when he was training Goku and Vegeta.
      so i think the only way ultra instict should be added is when jin actually adds whis, so you can learn it.

      But it dosent require mind but body, and it also dosent require tp just for your stats to be at a certain level. and after you completed the buu saga.
      You can temp gain it after you die you lose it and it only activates when your close to dieing, to temp gain it you have to have a certain amount of body then either you lose to a clash or you die to a enemie. this is a 10 percent chance..

      And UInstict should make you teleport one block around you any time you get hit (you dont recieve damage)

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