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      Adrian Quevedo

      Português –
      Assim como no DBS,o Goku de Certo modo tem 2 estágios de Ultra Instinct. A ideia seria, que você criasse um estagio Inicial, que seria o UI dominado, que só seria conquistado quando você tivesse a “God Form” maximizada, ou então outro Status like LSSJ ou Majin, e que quando conquistado seria somente um Estagio Inicial que seria Ultra Instinct não dominado, e com esse estatus, você consegue uma Skill que no lvl 1 Só serve pra existir, mas no LVL 2 iria ser Ultra Intinct 50% dominado, que seria somente na parte da defesa (Tipo SSGrade que aumenta STR, mas quase não aumenta DEX, mas aumentaria CON e DEX), no LVL 3 seria 75% que aumentaria STR e continuaria com a aparencia de Ultra Instinct normal, LVL 4 seria Ultra Instinct Masterizado, que seria com o cabelo branco, e nesse estágio teria o aumento de defesa e strength.

      Inglês –
      Just like in DBS, the Goku of Right mode has 2 stages of Ultra Instinct. The idea would be for you to create an Initial stage, which would be the dominated UI, which would only be conquered when you had the maximized God Form, or another Status like LSSJ or Majin, and that when conquered it would only be an Initial Stage would be Ultra Instinct not dominated, and with that status, you get a Skill that in lvl 1 only serves to exist, but in LVL 2 would be Ultra Intinct 50% dominated, which would only be in the defense part (Type SSGrade that increases STR, but would not increase DEX, but would increase CON and DEX), in LVL 3 would be 75% that would increase STR and continue with the appearance of normal Ultra Instinct, LVL 4 would be Ultra Instinct Masterizado, which would be with white hair, and at that stage would have increased defense and strength.

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      Boa ideia nmrl eu espero que o jin coloque essa forma assim msm! (obs:eu sei que n é forma ‘-‘)

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      Sorry for not writing in Portuguese but I don’t trust any online translator enough to do it.
      Increasing CONS by transforming has never been done before according to my personnal knowledge of the mod – I never fused so I might be wrong -, so it might be an issue. Either it increases both remaining and maximum life/stamina – which would be equal to healing mid battle in some way, while having increased defense, so just no – or it increases only maximum life/stamina – which would be actually neat to gain a bigger reserve of stamina, but increased maximum life would do nothing considering in most PVP fights you can not use healing items.

      Anyway. Sorry dude, but this post brings nothing new.

      Next please.
      More like please no

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