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      UI isn’t specific to any one race its just an ability anyone can learn but extremely difficult (and should be extremely difficult to do)
      It should have three forms, the first isnt as fast or strong but gives you a small taste of the power, you can be hit and feel the full force of the damage, but the form is endurance based and runs off that, extremely tiring. the second is the mastery of dodging, speed heightens but attack is low and the more you attack the faster the form deteriorates. Finally the third is complete mastery (shown by the colorful aura around them and their hair more transformed-like, except for acro and namekians). (the form we have seen is not the full power as in the picture we have seen a colorful aura surrounded the one around his skin and his hair stood more on end than what has been shown).

      Dodging in the basics could be a chance to have physical attacks miss. The way to start doing such could be a few ways. It could have to be a toggle that takes stamina to keep up and corresponds with your speed. If you have, say, 500 and someone has 250 their attacks are much less likely to hit than yours (about 50% chance) and continues like such (but doesn’t mean someone else will 100% hit you either).

      Speed and such Strength is nothing without a good balance with speed. So if the people really want to make this immersive there could be a drawback to physical and such, for every level in strength you slightly slow down as your muscle mass is increasing but your speed cannot keep up. Basically if you don’t have a high enough speed your blows are more likely to be dodged and countered. If you’re high in speed but low in strength then you may be hard to hit, but your attacks wont do as much as your potential allows.

      Of course LSSJ or legendary forms which will probably be added later, are extremely buff, yet do not suffer this drawback (hence why the form would be appreciated more) so their speed and strength do not affect each other.

      As well legendary ki should of course be “Building, Overflowing” possibly the legendary forms constantly add to the users strength/speed/endurance/etc. while in use. BUT when used also can kill you from containing too much. So an ability should be added that lets all that ki out (Broly/Kale shot spheres out in all directions to release energy) and be shown by a legendary bar perhaps? and the higher form you are the faster you build/ (maybe)more ki you can hold.

      Acrosian Buff Form was originally referred to as Frieza 100% is basically SSJ grade 2-3 except their drain was more based on stamina/endurance not speed. (Goku stated this during their fight).

      Golden/Ultimate Form more known as Golden the transformation was stated by Frieza “I made it golden” and later to frost when talking about this form “you could do it too, maybe not golden though” possibly the form is set after the user chooses how it looks? and is set like that after? The form while incredibly strong is not a god form as it doesn’t use any divine ki, just unleashes the dormant power within.

      Namekians they have the ability to regrow limbs (could be at a cost to stamina but increase health back) and can “sync” or “fuse” or “absorb” other Namekians. Namekians should have the ability (if they are good) to absorb Namekians on planet Namek/other players but at a cost, perhaps it has a random chance to decrease a stat by so much? As it is shown Piccolo has only fused twice and none more for unknown reasons. Possibly to this downside for balance reasons?

      Forms while the forms are needed for servers to continue they are easily rested in. The forms should be a hassle on the body and tire the user out to transform (as when they transform characters can be seen huffing and puffing like they went through a rigorous workout) it could deplete stamina while transforming for some more realistic twists so transformations can’t just be shot through without drawbacks. As well the forms could drain stamina while in them/the ki drain based on how much ki you have than a set amount. As well the forms could have a passive EXP bar, so when transformed the bar moves ever so slightly, but if used to fight it grows to allow your body to “adapt” so the higher level, the lower the drain/more control. I pull this from accounts of Goku when he has stated “Your new form is burning through more power than your body can supply. You should have waited until you were used to this form and knew how to regulate it before you started picking fights.” So forms could pull more from a percentage than a set amount to allow for some balance. Finally, the god forms for Saiyans could be more realistic, like how red is basically the speed and blue/rose are the powerhouses and can give more of a reason to switch.

      Kaioken Pulls from both the users life force and stamina to keep up. Again, it should pull more from percentage and use the form EXP to allow for more control, and the higher it is the more able you will be to use in in base form. Then kaioken while able to go hand in hand with other forms (movie sage really) should be another kind of stat (I.E. baseKaio, form1Kaio etc etc) and the higher it is means more time to use it and the higher you can go without dying (higher – more % drain) and then for deity transformations another (divine1Kaio, divine2Kaio, etc) with the same basis.

      aesthetic Saiyans when transformed (and the form isn’t controlled) their hair aesthetically has a more golden color to it (possible have an outline of a darker yellow/more golden color highlight it/overlay like a tainted glass to it.) with acrosians it could be their bio-armor where Friexas is purple etc. potential unleashed could be a white/light grey overlay.

      Dynamic transformations while hard to code (not saying anything else is easy) the dynamics could be like SSJ has lightning strike in a proximity with the sky darkening and little pixels (like the ones created when you destroy a block) start to rise (as with all transformations) and the hair flashing gold/base hair. But due to the dynamic nature causes a long run time to transform. For acrosians their bodies more or less just grow into it, except final which when frieza transformed his third form seemed to simply crack and shatter around him, revealing his final form. (particles could burst around him during the transformation).

      Muscle though very hard to code and probably to model, the male/female bodies could have a new model where muscles are shown. when upgrading strength they grow and constitution/agility helps make them more toned than looking like the one guy at the gym that looks like he ate the machine he is using. As well with transformations could help with the players looking more flat/fat than muscled.

      there are a lot more ideas but ill cut it off here. Thanks!

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      Ahmed Dh

      WOW nice great idea:

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      (ideias naruto c) oi tenho muitas ideias pra vocês eu gostaria que vocês entrassem em contato comigo meu discord é GabrielFogaça e meu skype é a mesma coisa bom vou falar em tudo que eu pensei vocês podiam adicionar um modo em que pode-riamos misturar o biakugan e o sharingan juntos ou o sharingan e o rinegan minha ideia é q nos precisamos ter sharingan level maximo e que um membro do clan precizaria morrer em nossa frente pra despertar o rinnegan ou que consigamos ele com tp mesmo eq ele tenha o poder de teleportar de puxar as coisas pra o personagem e empurrar tamben e que ele possa usar o shibaku tensei o jutsu que começa a juntar tudo oque esta no chão e faz virar uma bola grande so que no minecraft pode ser 4 quadrados juntos no ceu que puxa todos os mobs pra cima se voce quiser adicionar uma tabela pra melhorar o shibaku tensei pra que ele começe a puxar os blocos tamben eu acho até melhor voce pode adicionar animações ao fazer os jutsus , voce pode adicionar mais elementos pra se usar e cada um com uma funcionalidade o elemento madeira pode criar arvores invocar floresta criar uma parede de madeira e voce pode criar um sistema só pra upar e conseguir isso mais tem que ser o mais cara pois é o mais desejado por todos , adicionem novas coisas ao elemento fogo q quando ele for lançado deixe as coisas pegando fogo e que voces disponibilizem criar um jutsu que não destrua nada , voces podem modificar o rasengan e o shidore pra quando for usado o personagem criar um rasengan na mão que voce pode bater em um mob ou no chão e se bater no chão esplode mais voce teria que upar mais o rasengan até alcançar o rasen shuriken mais que voce possa escolher qual voce quer usar tipo quero o rasengan agora a agora quero o rasen shuriken vai ficar muito bom , adicione um jutsu que sele as bijus tipo voces podem deixar as bijus darem spawn no mapa mais que seje muito dificiu de ela aparecer e que quando agente derrota-la tenha a opção de sela lá dentro do personagem e que surja uma opção de upar a biju e que cada vez voce posso ter mais controle sobre ela até voce entrar no ultimo modo do naruto , voce pode adicionar o modo do sabio dos seis caminhos com gogodamas nos seguindo ficando atrais das costas e que nois possamos arremessa-la com um botão do teclado e que ela posso formar um escudo e pode virar um cajado lembrando que são 8 gogodamas ou mais ou seja que nois poderiamos usa-las ao mesmo tempo como cajado como escudo e pra lança-la mais o dano das gogodas vai variar no dano através do status quando mais voce for forte mais ela sera , o modo de consegui-la seria depois que voce ter seu rinnegan no maximo e morrer dai voce iria pra dimensão dos mortos onde teria o sabio dos seis caminhos que daria o poder dele a nois e assim consegui-riamos as gogodamas elas so explodiriam o local que fosse arremessadas se não pegassem em um mob mais ela demoraria uns 10 segundos pra usar de novo principalmente as outras como seria 8 quando fossem arremessadas ia demorar 10 segundos pra usar 1 depois mais dez pra usar a 2 e assim por adiante até a ultima , a respeito do biakugan ele poderia enxergar os mobs atraveis dos blocos mostrando por dentro deles pra facilitar a perda da visão do biakugan porque no modo que esta é dificil de lutar com inimigos poderosos , nois pode-riamos roubar o biakugan ou sharingan de um membro desses clans e usar em nois mesmos seria legal , poderia ter ninjas espalhados no mapa ninjas inimigos que nos ataquem sempre um mais forte que o outro variando do lvl 1 até o lv maximo e que em cima de sua cabeça apareça seu nivel e que quando o matassemos ele desse tp kunay ou shuriken , o jutsu kage bushin podia ter uma tabela só pra ele pra definir o que ele deve fazer como atacar somente mobs hostis ou atacar mobs passivos e que de pra especificar qual mob não atacar , e podia ser adicionado o jutsu de substituição que geraria um clone no seu lugar quando voce fosse atingido e voce teleportaria em uma distancia de 8 a 9 blocos ou mais de distancia e quando o clone fosse atingido que aparecesse uma madeira no lugar dele ou seja eu usei o jutsu de subistituição eu criaria um clone que fugiria do adversário em quando eu já teleportaria pra outro lugar não muito longe e que quando ele fosse atingido ele sumisse e aparecesse um tronco de madeira em seu lugar , eu tenho muito mais ideias se quiserem ouvi-las me chamen no discord ou no skype (discord #3099 ou GabrielFogaça )(skype GabrielFogaça) me chamen lá

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      (ideas naruto c)Hi, I have a lot of ideas for you, I would like you to contact me, my disagreement is GabrielFogaça and my skype is the same good thing I will say in everything I thought you could add a way in which we could mix biakugan and sharingan together or the sharingan and the rinegan my idea is that we need to have sharingan maximum level and that a member of the clan would need to die in front of us to wake the rinnegan or that we get him with tp even if he has the teleporting power to pull things to the character and push tamben and that he can use the shibaku tensei the jutsu that begins to gather everything that is in the ground and makes turn a big ball so in the minecraft can be 4 squares together in the sky that pulls all the mobs up if you I want to add a table to improve the shibaku tensei so he starts to pull the blocks too. I think even better you can add animations when doing the jutsus, you can add more elements to use re each with a feature the element wood can create trees invoke forest create a wall of wood and you can create a system just to hoist and achieve this more has to be the most expensive because it is the most desired by all, add new things to the fire element q when he
      is released let things catch fire and you can create a jutsu that does not destroy anything, you can modify the rasengan and the shidore for when the character is used to create a rasengan in the hand that you can hit a mob or the floor and hit the ground splode more you would have to upar more the rasengan until reaching the rasen shuriken more that you can choose which one you want to use type I want the rasengan now the now I want the rasen shuriken is going to be very good, add a jutsu that seals the type bijus you can let the bijou spawn on the map but it is very difficult for her to appear and that when the agent defeats her has the option to saddle inside the character and that a option to upar a biju arises and that every time you can have more control over it until you enter the last mode of naruto, you can add the way of the wise of the six paths with gogodamas following us getting attracted from the back and that nois we can hurl it with a button of the keyboard and that she can form a shield and can turn a staff remembering that they are 8 gogodamas or more or that is that nois we could use them at the same time like stick like shield
      and can turn a stick remembering that they are 8 gogodamas or more or that is that we could use them at the same time like stick like shield and to throw it but the damage of the gogodas will vary in the damage through the status when the more you are strong more it will be, the way to get it would be after you have your rhinnegan at the maximum and die then you would go to the dimension of the dead where would have the wise of the six ways that would give him the power to nois and thus we would get the gogodamas them only would explode the place that they were thrown if they did not take in a mob but it would take 10 seconds to use again the others as it would be 8 when they were thrown it would take 10 seconds to use 1 then 10 to use 2 and so on until the last one, about biakugan he could see the mobs of the blocks showing inside them to facilitate the loss of biakugan’s vision because in the way that it is difficult to fight with powerful enemies, nois may-ria mos robbing the biakugan or sharingan of a member of these clans and to use in nois same would be cool, could have ninjas scattered in the map enemy ninjas that attack us always one stronger than the other ranging from lvl 1 to lv maximum and that on top of his head appears his level and that when we kill him tp kunay or shuriken, the kage bushin jutsu could have a table just for him to define what he should do as attack only hostile mobs or attack passive mobs and that to specify which mob did not attack, and could be added the replacement jutsu that would generate a clone in its place when you were hit and you would teleport in a distance of 8 to 9 blocks or more away and when the clone was hit that a wood appeared in place of it ie I used the substitution jutsu I would create a clone that I would flee from the enemy when I would already teleport to another place not very far and that when he was struck he would disappear and a wood trunk appeared in its place, I have many more ideas if they want to hear them call me in discord or skype (discord # 3099 or GabrielFogaça) (skype GabrielFogaça) call me there

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