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      Before I start: I know that Jin ins’t even close to finishing UI. I just want to suggest something.

      Ok lets start.
      The current UI is a kind of Mix between UI and MUI. You have the Pain effect(in DBS just after MUI) and you also have normal, black hair(just UI). I think you should first have to obtain UI and “get used to it” before you can tap into MUI. What do I mean by that? I mean, that you have to get into UI, get knocked out of it then back in and back out. Do that a bunch of times(2-3 times) and you are able to get into MUI. You would have to have level 2 Ultra Instinct and under 10% life left. Also there has to be a cool “woosh” sound when you dodge.
      Now lets get to the stats:
      You would have instead of 80% no hit chance, a 90% no hit chance.
      Your hair would be completely white and a purple shimmer would be around you, also with the aura. If your heat gets higher, the intensity(size and speed) of your aura should increase.
      You should be able to move quicker, way quicker. You also should be able to lock on enemies easier and hit faster(while locked on).

      I hope you liked it,

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      Alright, I get most of it but here’s what I’m having a problem with
      “Also there has to be a woosh sound when you dodge” Everytime something touches you, you would hear just “woosh woosh woosh woosh” and that would become EXTREMELY annoying after about 5-10 seconds. And how about whatever closest to you, you automatically lock on? The 80% chance is already overpowering as it is, Jin can lower the current one to 70 and MUI to 80%. The aura growing bigger with heat, I like that idea, it works. And how about we deal 2 times with one click in MUI, so it still works decently. The movement part, we already can move faster than pretty much every other form depending on the multiplier you have it set on (mines at 30,000% because of reasons you can ask about). But instead of the health at 10% make it 5% and your heat as to be almost max in order to have a chance at becoming MUI, as well as having to go down to 5% release, but having a 30% chance to transform to MUI. Failing would mean you transform out of UI, and enter Pain and KO states. While achieving MUI would go (can’t remember what it is) to 1.2x what UI’s config is, with the 80% dodge. But the hair wouldn’t be pure white, it would probably be a silver color, so it has some depth to it.

      Those are my issues and recommendations, sorry of it’s a little sloppy.

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      Believe it or not. I actually think Jin pretty much finished Ultra Instinct in one update.
      I agree that 80% is maybe a bit too overpowered. I think the Ultra instinct -Sign- (Partial) should have a 50% dodge chance and perhaps the Mastered variation should keep the 80%?
      I only disagree with you on two things.
      Ultra Instinct having a dodging sound wound eventually get kind of obnoxious. I mean, just think of the combat sounds we already have and how often you hear that when you’re fighting. With a “Whoosh” on top of that, it might be overwhelming to our poor ears.
      Lastly, “getting used to UI” would require a totally new system able to keep track of exactly how many times we transformed. I think UI would be better off receiving a leveling system.
      (Afterall, it’s not like we’re accidentally using UI like Goku was. Intentional transformation should require intentional upgrades)

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