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    So here’s a suggestion for UI and Custom forms to the community.

    Stop asking Jin to add this shit to the mod. It’s bollocks and damn near everyone who posts that never uses any form of formality. No capital letters, full stops or even god damn basic English. If you’re going to post in your own native language then cool. Who cares, I can’t read it.

    If you want to make a post detailing how you think UI should be made then neat. Please try to be a bit more creative then “It can dodge stuff maybe,” but those are fine. Asking Jin “Can you add UI to the mod,” without any suggestions on how to do it well is simply spam. No questions asked.

    Also stop asking for bollocks forms like SSJ4God or just being able to make your own Custom forms. Hell stop asking for Saiyan Forms. Saiyans already have enough shit in this mod as it is.


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    Do you want milk?

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    Dou you want milk? :V

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      Rather get good posts that actually add something rather then milk, but thanks for the offer.

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    I agree! However I think some people here actually don’t speak English for their first language, so some of it can be excused.
    When I see comments with bad grammar, I just think that they’re little kids or people who aren’t able to speak or write English fluently.
    However, I would rather it if people stopped swearing or being pessimistic in their comments, rather than good grammar.

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      Fuck you, you fricking flip flopping flapper I will use whatever darn diddly dang language I want.

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      Darn diddly dang man, calm the flop down. XD

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