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      Lil Durk

      So I recently got this mod, I got the Kioken and SS1 transformation, but I can’t use/transform.
      Please help

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      you have to turn them on in the action menu and look if the key you are using for transforming is not occupied by some other mods key, usually its “g” for transforming. and if you did that its not working, maybe its because you didn’t hold it long enough? the action menu is i think usually on the key “x”, i could be wrong though.

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      Also if u want to Use SS1(or SS2/3/4/God/Blue) and Kaioken at the same time, u have to go in the config file named jinryuujrmcore and scroll down and read carefully until u see that: # Server Sided! If ‘true’ then the Kaioken will be sustainable in any transformation, If ‘false’ then Kaioken will be hard to maintain with every transformation. (This WILL make the game more unbalanced. default: false)
      B:”Kaioken – Sustainable Super”=false . Just change the false to True, and u will b able to combine SSJ and Kaioken to be stronger.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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