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      Okay, i know the title sounds weird, but i just had a walk outside with my dog and thought about how i should change my config for gaining TP. We all know, that we can say “okay, i want to gain 1 tp per punch or 100 tp per punch and it increases based on the amount of mind we have”, that felt (after thinking about it) very weird to me since you spend tp, to gain more tp, to compensate for you needing more tp… so how about this:

      We change the flat buff in tp gain and replace it with percentage based configs. So instead of increasing the tp we get when performing melee attacks in a flat number, we set a percentage, or more like 2 percentage points, one of which is the minimum and the other a maximum. This percentage would decide in what range you can gain tp per hit, with the percentage being a part of what you’d need to upgrade a stat once.
      To make an example: you set the percentage range from min 1 and max 2 %. then you go ingame, create your character and have the first amount of tp needed to upgrade a stat set to 100. now you punch some mob once and have now the chance in this example to gain either 1 or 2 tp. now you got so far as to needing 1.000 tp. now you would get 10 to 20 tp! that would at some point feel a bit slow, so i considered the already existing mechanic of gaining more tp with higher “mind” stat. so lets work that into there as well! so we make a second config maybe which states how much more tp you get per punch in comparison!
      Lets continue the example:
      -first off the configs:
      the amount of tp per punch would be: min= 1% and max= 2%
      the increase per mind stat would be: for every x-mind the tp increase is x%. (lets in this case
      say you gain for every 1 mind one more percent added onto the existing range)

      so you have 1 mind to start with, so you get 1% added on top of the 1 to 2 %, so the maths would be (1 to 2)% multiplied with 1%. So as a result you would have a tp gain range from 1.01 to 2.02% per punch. the next time mind is increased it would be (1.01 to 2.02)% multiplied with 1%.

      I don’t know if i could make the maths, the description… everything understandable, but i really hope i did. If any of you think it’s a good idea or if you have some changing ideas then hopefully you could write them to me!

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