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    I heard the Tournament of Power was happening on the 15th, but I seem to have forgot about it. No one mentioned it either, did it get canceled? Or did it happen? If it did, did anyone record it? Could you link me it? Please and Thank You!

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    AHAHAHAahahaaha haha.ha..aha… It has been delayed obviously. Someone didn’t take notice of easter.

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    Come on, you can’t be serious.. Someone like Crimson couldn’t possibly hold such a big event, he tried but he failed miserably with no hope of succeeding.

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    You don’t even know what you are talking about, The ToP is a player hosted multi server tournament being hosted by players, Crimson is just sponsoring and spectating it. The IWDMA is also still in the works and has been estimated as being even larger of a tournament than it was beforehand.

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    At current, the TOP has been moved to summer as a unanimous decision by the servers participating.

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    I found out what happened, the person that made the arena, has to make it bigger. He plays the same server as me.

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      Also, thanks for being cockheads, except Kazuya and Cryo.

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    Mr. Perfect Cell

    havent heard much about it. but *shrug* be patient. this mod tends to always miss deadlines, but that might mean the finished project is even better than if it were released on time.

    even if it starts, prolly wont be interested. i like the single player aspect and i mainly want more mobs that appear out in the wilds for me to fight (more dinos, generic red ribbon androids, boar thieves, sandmen, etc, just basic mooks to sink my fists into)

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