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    Welcome to the tournament of power! my name is SuperSandwich and my IGN is Xx_Panther_xX
    and I would love to announce that I am hosting a tournament of power! here are the rules:
    1. you can swear but don’t do it too much! 2. you may not make fun of others at all! 3. when applying your character can’t be some super strong god or something stupid like that (also you can apply for SSG and SSB but you only have a 7% chance of getting it same with golden form!) 4. if you get lssj somehow you MUST tell me or you will be instantly perm banned once we see it! (you can apply for legendary but you only have a 2% chance of getting it) finally, HAVE FUN!


    What Universe:





    How he/she/it acts:

    Fighting style:


    What they wear:

    Saiyans; The saiyan race, usually uses vegetable puns for names. We currently have 1 full saiyans, but please don’t flood us with low-quality applications. Of course all races will be able to transform, Saiyans have the primarily strongest forms, excluding SSJ3 Vs. Golden. (Hardest to get race)

    Half-Saiyans; The hybrids of saiyans and humans, or possibly other races (who knows?!). Half-Saiyans posses greater potential than a full blooded saiyan does, however most lack the will to fight. Of course just as strong as a Full Saiyan! We have 2 Half-Saiyans. (.1% easier than saiyans!)

    Humans; The most basic race of them all! They are well balanced and keep up with Saiyans in most places! We have 1 human. (Easiest alongside namekian!)

    Namekians; The people of Namek, strong willed and have two types. Dragon clan known for their ability to create dragon balls, and the warrior clan known for their great power. They are very powerful, especially in Ki. We have 1 namekian. (Easy as humans)

    Arcosian (Frost Demon); The people of Freeza’s race. They are generally a cold-hearted species (haha puns). They are very domination focused and tend to be fairly powerful. They are very few in known numbers. We have 1 arcosian. (About 10% Easier than a saiyan is to be).

    Majin (Boo race to be proper), however variants such as the Shadow Demons and such are also here); The Boo race, known for their extreme endurance and the ability to manipulate their shape. They are fast learners, but not generally the most intelligent. They are rather strong fighters. We have 1 Boo/Majin. (They are the same as arcosians in difficulty)

    Shinjin/Core People/Supreme Kai; These are the people coming from the world of the Kai’s. They are rather powerful, and very intelligent. Only 80 can live on a planet at a time. They are born from the golden Kaiju fruit. We currently have one Shinjin (me). (They are similar to Saiyans in difficulty).

    Demon (Dabura); People of the demon realm. Rule by Demon King Dabura, also features a large variety of special powers. They are adept at magic, and are decently powerful. We have 0. (About like Majins and Arcosians).

    Android; as you would expect a human who has been modified to posses unlimited ki. Such as android 18 and 17.(Around the same difficulty as a half saiyan.)

    Universe 1 0/5
    Universe 2 0/5
    Universe 3 0/5
    Universe 4 0/5
    Universe 5 0/5
    Universe 6 0/5
    Universe 7 0/5
    Universe 8 0/5
    Universe 9 0/5
    Universe 10 0/5
    Universe 11 0/5
    Universe 12 1/5

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    Name: Tullece

    Race: Saiyan (Full)

    Transformations: None unlocked. Powerful base form.

    Age: Eighteen

    Back-story: (I’m not sure what Universe I’m from so I’ll put Univere – when I need to.) Tullece is a Saiyan from Universe -, born and raised on Planet Vegeta. From a young age, she’s shown a strong affinity for combat, standing triumphant over her peers during the early days of training. She trained under her Father, learning how to manipulate her Ki, manifest an Aura and much more.

    At the age of Four, cadets were selected for military training. Almost everyone her age was accepted. Unfortunately, due to her attitude towards authority, she was denied a place in the Saiyan army. She lived out her days as a punk, constantly training and growing stronger while shunning away all those that tried to help. Within the next few years, her small-time robberies gradually became more serious. Tullece eventually recieved a job from some less-than respectable individuals, leading her to steal a military grade spacepod.

    At the dead of night, she entered the military base through the sewer system below. Tullece managed to locate the hanger only to be found by a patrolling group of Saiyan’s. With no other options she hopped in to the pod, gliding her hands over the interface as her fingers deftly activated the pod! The metal ship ripped through the hanger door, launching in to space.

    She travelled for some time, sustained by the pods life support. Eventually, her pod was caught within the gravitational pull of Planet 3168 – Codename ‘E.A.R.T.H’. As she wasn’t a soldier she had no intention of taking over the planet, only wanting to live how she wanted to live! With only the clothes on her back and her spacepod, Tullece didn’t have much footing. Even now, she lives in a small camp and hunts for all her food.

    How he/she/it acts: Tullece has a punkish attitude and is also a bit of a tomboy. Tullece is very lazy, if not self-absorbed as she initially refused to join the Tournament of Power even when learning her universe’s or her own existence were on the line. Though, she cares about those close to her and eventually decided to join the tournament.

    Fighting style: Tullece has no formal training in combat. Her fighting style is entirely custom, mostly consisting of powerful punches and kicks with little evasion. She focuses more on her body than her energy.

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    What they wear: She wears a low cut magenta top, low-set purple harem pants, long dark grey wristbands, and a pair of pointy dark grey shoes. Her hair is long, wild, and spiky.

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      Amazing but before i accept i need your discord or your skype also you can choose from universes 1-12

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      i cant send a friend request :/

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      Oh fiddle sticks. Aran#0995, sorry.

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    Name: Froze

    Race: Arcosian(Frost-Demon)

    Age: 14

    Transformations: minmal-Base

    Back Story: Froze is a Fighter of Universe 3…
    as kid he got abonded from his family since he was the weakest. His family did abonded him on a planet where no ne could survive but .. he did survive he is clever and did build himself a spaceship. After some months of training(since he wanted revenge) he started to invade some villages on planets to get food material and other stuff. He got feared .. so feared that his parents did search him to see how strong he really is… after they found him .. he exceeded all of his family so they got scared and said him he could have anything they have ..but Froze did just killed them with a face of joy… after this to make sure something like this will never happen again he decided to be alone forever and kil everyone that is going against his plans .. he dont want something like to be strongest, he just want a home where he can live and do what he likes … and if anyone destroys this home THEY GET KILLED!

    How he/she/it acts: he prefers it to be alone. he is smart. He is evil since of certain reasons(backstory).he likes it to speak dominating “Go out of my way low level being”.

    Fighting Style: he is focused on contact combat without ki attacks at all he is very fast and bad at blocking but he has a sturdy body

    Alignment: PureEvil-Evil

    What they wear: this is an arco so i guess this is something not needed

    Discord: Oscar#0853
    Skype: i cant use it for certain reasons
    Minecraft InGameName: Oscarita25

    *i dont have a micro if i need 1 or so*

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    I’m typing my app right now but I would love to help you on your server as a former owner who hosted a tournament of power before in my roleplay

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      God’s Flame

      you mean a shitty tournament of power with no back story and we threw in it with like 0 BP

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      no the one I had after I banned you for talking about my dead father

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      God’s Flame

      And your father probably would’ve thought your T.O.P was shitty

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    Alex Flore

    Why did you copied JamesCler post?
    In top of that you didin’t even gave him credit of that.

    I got your concept of a Tournament of Power,but if you didin’t copied what a person did,it was good,i hate scum like you.

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      Alex why roasted is down?

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      Kid, are you serious? Alex copied it from someone else, it isn’t his. Don’t be an ass.

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    God’s Flame

    Race: Half Sayian
    General Appearance: black Gohan hair and has tail. He is naked because of the crash right now
    Personality: he is trusting of everyone since he lost his memory. And at the moment he just wants to find a good place to rest. he has dreams of a white void that claims to be his friend.
    Alignment: Good
    Fighting Style: He fights until his opponent is K.O or rendered unable to fight. He doesn’t stop unless they say stop
    Short Backstory: in his universe sayians were hunted down by acrosians because they survived the destruction of planet Vegeta. An elite sayian named Beeto was going out for a mission when he witnessed planet vegeta’s destruction. The explosion from the planets destruction sent Beeto’s pod on a trajectory to earth. When his ship got to earth he wasn’t awake because his Space Pod turned on life support systems and put him in stasis.Beeto woke up in a farm naked and threatened to kill the farmer until the farmer explained that he found him out in a field. Namtek declared peace with the farmer and started living and doing work at the farm. The farmer was murdered by bandits and namtek murdered them all until they were wiped out. He met the farmer’s daughter at the funeral and since he killed the bandits, they grew very close over the years and made a family.
    Now the real story Begins
    A boy was climbing a mountain to reach his father. As he got midway up the mountain his hand slipped off the rock his hand was resting on. As he fell, he knew someone would be there to catch him. When he opened his eyes he was in the arms of a man with rough features and glaring eyes. “What happened to not falling this time?” The man asked his son.
    “I really tried this time dad but I’m just not like you” Betek said as his father put him down
    “PROPOSTERIOUS you are a sayian, you cannot be weak like these humans” Beeto said. Tekhan did not understand why his father always went on these rants about sayians and started to find them quite disturbing. “Now I want you to climb up that mountain again until you can do it without falling”. As Betek went back to “Daily training” as his dad liked to call it, he heard a scream come from the place where they’re house was. Betek recognized the scream because it belonged to his mother. His Father looked at Betek and told him “Stay here” and he ran off to see what was going on. Betek was scared because he didn’t know if the situation was serious or not. So he stayed at the mountain and waited for his father to return. It had been half an hour when Betek wondered what happened to his Mother & father. Betek knew his father was fast enough to get to the village and back under 5 minutes . Worried, Betek started his walk towards home. When he got to the entrance he heard talking at the back of the house. As he crept to the back of the house he felt something wrap around his leg. Suddenly, he was jolted up to the roof and being looked at by a lizard like creature.
    “Where are your parents, young monkey” it says as the lizard like creature dangles tekhan from the roof.
    “What are you?” Betek asks in fear, it’s when he notices the blood on it’s horn that he makes him start to freak out.” DADDY! ” Betek Screams.
    “Shut up, Brat” and the Acrosian whips his tail and flings Betek through a fence. Betek looks at his arm and sees blood dripping from it. He stands up holding his arm and screams for his dad one more time.
    “I’m growing tired of your constant noise ,just DIE” and the acrosian fly’s at Betek. Betek closes eyes the same way he does when his father catches him.
    “STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!” and a Golden Light appears in front of Betek and throws the acrosian through the house with it’s tail.”DID IT HURT YOU?” Betek is speechless until he recognizes his father’s voice. His Father looked different with yellow spiked up hair and wasn’t recognizable until he saw his face. Suddenly, the house exploded and the acrosian stepped out with a scratched lip.
    “I finally found you monkey” The acrosian said with an dark aura radiating from it. “I was starting to think it was a mistake when we suddenly picked up a signal coming from a model-600 space pod, but now here we are with the monkey himself”
    Betek’s father had a dark expression on his face and looked at the acrosian with a look of pure hatred.
    “Are you the one who killed my wife” Beeto asked.
    ” Well… she was giving me trouble when she refused to tell me where you were. “So I had to make her show me some respect” The acrosian says with a sick smile. Beeto infuriated screams
    “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU” and charges at the acrosian. Betek who was listening into the conversation started to cry when he heard his mom was dead. Beeto was clashing back and forth with the acrosian in loud sonic booms. When Beeto tried to shove a punch at the acrosian it caught his arm and threw him to the ground.
    “I guess I’ve had enough fun with you sayian” The acrosian narrows his eyes at beeto” Now die “. The acrosian pins down beeto in an instant and puts his tail to beeto’s heart. Betek watched his father struggled and Betek was too stuck in grieve to help him. But then betek realized if his father died here, he’d never get to spend any time with him again. so he picked up a broken off board from the backyard fence and ran at the acrosian.
    “GET OFF MY DAD!” The acrosian who was distracted by his fight with beeto and thought the betek was a coward, got smashed in the head with a board. The acrosian picked betek by his leg and started gut punching him until he started coughing up blood.
    “You little brat, do you think you could’ve actually accomplished something here. Your less than a bottom feeder compared to me” Beeto gets up while the acrosian was beating his son into bleeding fluids.
    “Hey you, are you ready to die” Beeto says in a harsh tone. there is no time to react for the acrosian and beeto wraps his hand around it’s throat, lifts it up, and puts a ki blast to his face.
    “Your still going to die, did you think I was the only one who found the transmission, they’re going to be here in under 20 minutes”
    beeto said, “you took my wife, my planet, so I’m not going to let you take my son from me.” then the acrosians head exploded.
    betek asked his dad,” is it over now?”
    Beeto picked up his son and told him, “we aren’t going to always be with each other, but you most be strong because your a sayian”.
    Beeto walked his son over to the shed and started to patch him with some first aid materials. Then Beeto went to work on the spacepod so he could make a way for his son to escape. then he told his son about it, and he refused because he wanted to be with his father. Tired of arguing with him, he put his hand over his head in a chop-like gesture and knocked his son out and gently put him in the space pod. It was set leave in two minutes and the spacepods for the acrosians had just arrived. Beeto knew he had to buy time until the space pod took off or all his hard work would be for nothing.
    he explained to them that he was a farmer
    they didn’t believe him because any farmer would run from them.
    they identify beeto as the monkey they are looking for
    beeto goes ssj and the acrosians get out of minimal form
    beeto punches first acro in the face and gets hit by the other acrosian’s tail
    beeto is on the ground about to be executed
    beeto punches an acrosian through the gut and it powers up to buff form.
    beeto’s hand detaches from the pure force of muscle
    Betekspaceship takes off
    During spaceship voyage
    Betek wakes ups in a place where everything is a white void. He starts to wonder where he is and if he his dead until he hears a voice.
    “Hello, there” betek looks around for the voice and he cannot find it.”Don’t worry about where I am, because I think I am everywhere and nowhere. Anyway, do you want to talk to me?” Betek immediately says yes and wonders why he is so trusting of this voice.”ok so first, what should I call you?” betek thinks about his name and he can’t remember it very well.
    “All I remember about my name is the word tek, mister” betek says
    “ok, how about we call ourselves tekhan” the voice recommends
    not finding any other name in his head , he decided to name himself tekhan.
    “So do you wanna be my friend, I’m kind of lonely in here” the white voice said. Tekhan thought of this person as his friend because they had just named him, so he stuck out his hand and said, “Sure”
    “hmmm…you probably should wake up now, your going to have a bit of a rough landing. But don’t worry I always take care of my friends”
    tekhan wakes up the real world.
    He’s laying in a field of grass with no clothes on. He gets up and he says he just wants to rest and walks to find somewhere to sleep with Bright blue aura shimmering in and out from view.

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    God’s Flame

    Universe 7

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    God’s Flame


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    God’s Flame


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    Alex Flore

    Give me the link,if it’s from Zyph,NegativeBoom,DaikoGdo or any other staff from that server,he got permission.

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    God’s Flame

    so am I in?

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    (Sorry for my bad english)
    Personality:He like Killing Namekian and saiyan when he see one Because they Killed his brother and soldiers He like videos games,Soda,He want to get the dragon ball to revive his brother and getting immortale
    Apparence:Grey and White
    Outifs:Blue Battle Armor,Red Weight,purple scooter
    ShortBackStory:When I was Kid I lived on frieza Ship with my brother Someone trained us But someday A namekian and Saiyan attacked the Ship without regret They killed so many people without regret Brother and me Dident Hear the attack cause we played video games A namekian comes in our room we tryed to kill him but he was too stronge he killed my brother I started to run and I started to hide they could’ent find me they started to leave the Ship Then I start to train for 5 year Meelee concentration Spirit I got my first transformation the 2nd form I crafted a blue battle armor I started to recruit Soldier and kill namekian Then I learn about dragon balls I started to Find them but that was too hard But someday someone comes in my Ship with a black hoodie Horns,Purple Tail that was..? he remove his hood that was Freeza he wanted to team with me to kill saiyan then He started to train me to become Stronger My bp was 30.000 Now I can go in 3nd form But someday we attacked the earth we started to kill humans the first one was yamcha he tell us about Where is Goku san and Bejita san Then the humans Tien,Krillin,Vegeta,Piccolo,Goku (Kid gohan) Started to attack us They was too strong then I go Final Form Freeza was Impressed 5year Later Goku came in the OtherWorld and Told Freeza and Me to join the tournament(Done,Im french sorry for my bad english If I need Improv or Denied tell me why ^^) DiscordUsername:KawaiiPandiix #6161

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      (sorry for the wait)

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      Sorry if I dident respond you,Because School Sorry

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    What Universe: 1

    Name: Fennel

    Race: Saiyan

    Age: 17

    Back-story: Universe 1 is known as the universe with the highest mortal level. In a planet similar to planet vegeta yet more advanced a little saiyan was born in a rich family of high level warriors, but something was wrong with the child he appeared to show a pretty pretty low power level and im talking not over 9,000! Eehmm as I was saiyan the parents were SO ashamed of the child that they decided to take him into a poor trading planet where he was sold for a good price. He was tortured and obligated to do hard works 24/7, they only fed him a bit and normally he would be wearing special handcuffs that wouldnt allow him to use ki but they thought it wouldnt matter since the little saiyan couldnt use ki anyways, terrible mistake… During his days of torture he had a roomate in the cell called Rane, he was a weak human that couldnt do his work well. So one day the guards got mad that Rane wasnt doing his work well they started they started torturing Rane so bad he started to scream, Fennel went fast to help him but he was hold by 2 guards and got obligated to watch how his friend was slowly dieing in front of his eyes, in a single moment fennel felt a spark
    it was as if a huge hidden power came out from deep within him, his eyes turned blank, his hair raised up and he was engulfed in a yellow flaming aura (this is FSSJ if no one knows) he rapidly defeated all the guards and carried his friend away to a ship that they found on their way out of the jail, Fennel didnt know how to fly it so he smashed the command board and a random loaction was selected (Earth of universe 1) and the ship flew right away. As the ship was getting out of the trading planets atmosphere Fennel tried to heal his friend to transfer some of his ki to him but Rane wasnt responding Fennel started crying and started using ki attack shock (dbs thing goku used to revive himself) but Rane still didnt respond. Fennel got so mad his hair got golden and his ki started overflowing again, but he suddenly fainted from the exhaustment. When the ship fell into the planet earth he was found by an old man that fed him and healed his wounds until he woke up fennel was gratefull to the old man and went on his own to get stronger and live on. Later on he found the existance of the strongest martial artist (master roshi) and wanted to learn from him. He got to learn from him with krillin and goku.

    How he/she/it acts: Hes mostly quiet with everyone yet a comedist with the people he gets to know well

    Fighting style: Turtle Hermit Style

    Alignment: Neutral

    What they wear: During the time he was in the trading planet he wore cheap clothes in a bad state but after he wears the turtle hermit clothes

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    its NovaBurstII #1082

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    Iron Nova

    What Universe: 4
    Name: Kyuuta
    Race: android
    Age: 15
    Back-story: Son of a gambling man his father never paid attention to his son alot and never cared about anything but himself. The rare times he would pay attention to his son he would teach him about stealing, and gambling, and fighting which he was very used to mostly in hand to hand combat. But one night his father cheated at gambling and his son payed the price as a bomb went off at there home. He was trying everything he could to heal his son but nothing happened, he even tried to go to the hospital but he got nothing from them only sad answers like “we cant do anything” and “he’s a lost cause”. Until one man noticed this person a man called Dr. Ring he went up to his father and told him he may have a way to help his son. But the father was catious he knew there was always a price but the good doctor said that its fine he doesn’t need to pay he only wants to help. So his father accepted and Dr. Ring took his son and turned him into a cyborg healing his son. But the father was wondering why he added so many things to his son like unlimted energy or all these fighting styles, and Dr. Ring pulled a gun on him telling him that he was happy to help his son but he’s not getting him back he’s his now, and hearing this the father charges dr. ring. They go at it punching eachother but then Ring shoots Kyuuta’s father aiming the gun to his body to finish him off but then Kyuuta bursts out of his chamber and kills Dr. Ring in an instant. Kyuuta goes over to his father asking him if he’s ok but his father knows he’s dieing and tells him he’s sorry he ignored him and sorry he was such a bastard, and with his last words he says “at least your alive” and then dies in Kyuuta arms. Kyuuta Weeps but then he changed he walked out of that lab a new man but he wasn’t gonna be a good person or a bad person either just a bit of both. Kyuuta was also interested in his new powers and so he would grow stronger each day testing his new powers and expanding them to new limits.
    How he/she/it acts:
    Fighting style: He usually watches his opponent and launches ki attacks before charging in and fighting them hand to hand.
    Alignment: Neutral
    What they wear: Anything that makes him look good

    Discord is NovaStar#1032

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    6 Star Ball

    Name: (Birth Name: Vacado)

    Race: Half-Saiyan

    Age: 17

    Universe: 6

    Back-story: He was born on Frost Planet 4049, his Father, General Onio had been outcasted by the Saiyans after rumors surfaced of his affectionate encounter with a being of another race while off Planet, King Vegeta saw this as a disgrace to the pure lineage and unfitting of a Sayian of his rank and status. Instead of death he was shamed and forced to leave. He left the Planet merely days before it was destroyed and travelled to the last planet his love and been on. For 10 years he searched for her Planet after Planet until on day he stumbled upon a woman with light chocolate skin and crystal purple eyes, and snow white hair accompanied by a small boy with similar features looking about 10 years of age hiding behind her. This woman was not the one he met all those years ago but it was something about that child that peeked his interest! A Saiyan Tail! Onio approached the timmid child but was flung back by a shock wave by the woman, he looked closer and saw a symbol, this woman was apart of the Galactic Patrol. Thats bad news for Onio because of his unruly past as the General of a portion of the Saiyan army responsible for the elimination of multiple planets and races, there is a massive bounty on his head. But Onio didn’t put up a fight and peacefully went into costudy. Days after before being transported to a GP Base he was approached by the same female and was questioned thoroughly. He finds out that this woman isn’t the one he has been searching for, but she is her sister and that her sister spoke of a Saiyan matching his description and that the boy is indeed his. She also informed Onio that her sister died while protecting the child from Freeza’s men on Planet 4049. She decided that she won’t report her capture and lead the 2 to a space pod to get as far away from here as possible, her words were “He lost his mother, he can’t lose his Father too”.


    Vacado, had been living on the move with his father. Not staying in one place too long. The timid child now grew colder because of seeing that everywhere they go they are treated with hostility for their race and the things associated with. The settled on a planet outside of the Frost Empire and began to live. Vacado was highly intelligent as a young boy thanks to being taught by members of GP so survival was easy for him, but his father Onio grew sick and weak, even if they wanted to move planets they can’t. One day when Vacado was out hunting he was attacked! By an alien girl around his age, the two quickly fell inlove and over time he began to lose the cold heartedness he had aquired. She even asked to meet his father and offered to help care for him. So he brought her to the hut and realized they had a food shortage so he left her to go hunting.
    Something isn’t right, the air is cold and dense, *BOOOM!!!!!!* An explosion came from the direction of the hut. Vacado dashed back only to find a massive hole where his fathers body once laid in the hut, and a cold metallic object slide its way through his back, barely peircing his heart. It was her! The alien girl he fell inlove with, she explained that she works for a Bounty Hunter Organization and she came only for Vacado’s father, she has no reason to kill the boy. Then she vanished, Vacado lost consciousness left to bleed out. A broken, and dying soul, the trauma and the mental scars. He finally closed his eyes and accepted his end…


    Vacado had been resued 2 years ago by Yardratians who was on planet at the time. They nursed him back to health. But when he woke he was a different person. He dedicated the rest of his life becoming more and more powerful in hopes that one day he will find that organization… He has a permanent non-chalant look on his face, always making sure to not get too attached to anything. He is not Evil nor will he be a Knight in shining armor, he only does what neccassary to further his goal.


    He as arrived on Earth, because of the talk of their being multi powerful beings in that planet. Maybe he’ll make allies, maybe he’ll make enimies, maybe this is where he dies. Either way his story continues.

    How he/she/it acts: Due to the many loses he suffered in his life in such a short span. He is highly intellegent but also he has become indifferent and rarely shows emotion.
    But whenever he does it an explosive but short outburst of power! Only the people he trust the most have seen the warmer side of him.

    Fighting style: Due to the many battles he has been in and the many different warriors he face he developed a Mixed and almost unpredictable fightstyle.

    Alignment: Neutral

    What they wear: Combat Blue jump suit (like Vegeta Jr. And Saiyan Armor, gloves and shoes like vegeta’s, he does wear Gi also.

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