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    Sam Noé

    Look at the top of the screen and you’ll see we’re in the “General Talk” category, so no I m not asking it to be added.
    Still I’d like it to be added, but it can’t because it just doesn’t make any sense. At least for me.
    Before Vados’s explanations, I was like : ok Hit is actually Dio, ok, makes sense. Bullshit. But makes sense.
    Then came Vados and that’s where I lost it.
    If I sum up, from what I had the possibility to understand, so I’m probably wrong, it works like this :
    -Hit stores time (how the fuck do you store time ?), then uses it to move freely, while his opponents can’t benefit this extra time and while leaving a ghost of it self where he was.
    OR Hit moves in an alternate dimension, where he can move thousands and thousands of time faster, leaving then again a ghost of himself where he was in the first dimension.
    If I’m right, then this technique is just a largely OP Zanzoken/Afterimage.
    But if none of those two points of view are right or even close to it, then HOW THE FUCK IT WORKS ? AND CAN SOMEBODY TELL TOEI THAN EXPLANATIONS IN FILLER EPISODES HAS NEVER BEEN A GOOD IDEA AND WILL NEVER BE ?

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    Hit has a really high ping, that’s all. But maybe if we were given clues about his backstory, training, or maybe even race, we’d know far more about it.

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