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    Dominick Finch

    Now you might be wondering what I meant. Well let me tell you. There have been a lot of times where I wanted to be Super Saiyan Rose but have access to all the good instructors. So what I suggest is a new config. Saiyan god form aesthetic toggle. Now this would only be for saiyans and half-saiyans as they are the only ones I can see working with this idea. Now let’s have an example. You are good but decide to go evil since it has SSJR. Well you do but you want access to all the good instructors such as Goku, Korin, and Master Roshi. Especially Korin. So you decide to go back to good. But you miss the look of Rose. You want it back, but you want to be good too. Well this is where my idea comes in. By just going to the configs and enabling aesthetic change true (or maybe it could be true as a default) and going to the client area, wherever that is at the time. I’ll just say it’s still in training. And enabling aesthetic change (which would be under the BP button), your god form color would change. Your SSJB would look like SSJR and vice versa. This would make it really easy to turn off, if you didn’t want to have exit your game and open the configs each time you wanted to change the appearance as that would be a hassle. But anyway, that’s about it. I have another idea about character personalities that I might post later. So keep an eye out for that if you’re interested. So tell me what you thought of the idea below.

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    Sam Noé

    A simple nice tweak.
    But I would put my hand to fire that in the future more features will be reserved to bad (Majin, SSR) or good (Senzus, SSB, Mystic, Kaioken) players, so shouldn’t we get used to that ?
    Even though I gotta admit being good is more useful than bad, knowing all the advantages it has.

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      Dominick Finch

      Well that’s a good point. But I would still like it as a configurable option. Or even just having it until more options for evil players come out.

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    I would add the acrosian forms in this. While its not about being evil or good i would like a option to be able to use the golden form’s aesthetic while using god form, instead of having to swap the strength and ki drain of the forms in the config (which cant be done on server’s unless you have the perms so your kinda screwed with golden form).

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      Dominick Finch

      That’s a good idea. I didn’t think of it in my original idea or I would have added it.

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    Or just have it so Neutral has access to toggle in the Bottom Right X-menu whether to have Blue or Rose aesthetics and can access all Instructors.
    Makes logical sense to me but eh how would I know.

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