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    Son Netsui Surudan

    OK,i know what you will speak:NOT ARE HOW BACK AT TIME IN GAME.If you will say this,you are missed.I have a idea:All saiyan masters will be a time-limit of live,when this time is over,they go to king kai planet,BUT.If you create a time-machine,you can choise “past” and go to a dimension (called past)Where all masters are alive (Only 1 time,for dont spam).But,obviously,you can go to king kai planet and train. Now,the future.If you choise “future” you will go to a dimension called future,where will be another trunks of master and not will be the structures of dbc.But,when jin update the saga,will need to go at this dimension to do the black saga!

    Another idea?Make there!

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    uhhh no

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    No what?No idea or my idea is bad?

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    the idea is bad

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    Son Netsui Surudan

    Why ‘-‘ What is bad?The idea of past?The masters die?If you dont know what,please do better ‘-‘

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    My own idea for the time travel idea.
    *Time Machine would require a special kind of fuel to go to other timelines.
    *The Time Machine would work like a space pod, giving you the option to go to the Past or the Future.
    *Going to the past will let you do Dragon Ball Sagas, the Present will let you do Dragon Ball Z sagas including some Dragon ball Super sagas, The Future will let you do Goku Black saga.
    *The Future will have new buildings: West City, Zamasu’s house etc.
    *The Past will have some new buildings too.
    *The Future will have 2 new masters: Goku Black and Zamasu.
    *The Past will have Red Ribbon Army mobs, and some old masters.
    *Zamasu and Goku Black can teach you the Ki Blade.
    *Some Masters won’t be available in the Past and the Future.

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    Saber, thats awesome!!!! Very awesome!!!!

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      Me, Him or Both? (Vegeta Reference… The planet, the prince, or the king?)

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