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    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I figured that it could be a really cool addition to the mod. It could add a skill which is unlike any other currently added. So, practically upgrading the forms level to 10 would only aid with the Ki cost that it uses to initially cast. And the actual ability would only function if the user is locked unto their target and activates the skill. After this, the user will divide into four identical replicas (maybe less if toggable). The user will be one of the replicas and their stats would be divided by four (or however replicas are made/remaining) which would clearly be the strongest downside to the technique. After this, the X ammount of NPC Replicas of the user which have been formed begin to target whoever the user was locked unto as they will be much faster than most npcs and actually match the user’s running speed. They will fly and sometimes teleport near the opponent which will make them harder to deal with.

    It’s a pretty simple Idea and although I’m not a coder I dont see it being too difficult to implement into the game. As for controlling the ammount of replicas the user can make though it would function similar to how the transformation skill can be switched from ‘Super’ ‘Ultimate’ ‘God’ (for arcosians). Another suggestion for that is perhaps by adding a box next to the skill which changes color when clicked which symbolize many replicas can be made at that time.

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