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    So I been thinking about a few things in DBC and a few things came to mind.

    Humans and namekians: Now this could be just me but I feel that humans and namekians are weak. I mean try to compare them to saiyan’s/arcos…kind of hard to. I know they got some love with the namek big form and the human buff form but they seem to still lack behind the saiyans’s, arocs and half saiyan’s. I could be wrong, If i’m wrong plz point it out because I would love to be wrong. But I was thinking if jin just can’t add any more form’s because cannon..why not make it that they gain tp more? I think the human’s get more tp or something but make it on par that yeah there forms are not great but hey if they train they can be strong. I play another dbz game that yeah some races don’t get forms (saiyan forms are the best) but they have a thing called ascension. Where the other races get a small boost in there base bp but get waaay more gains then the saiyans to combat ssj forms. I would like to see more human’s and namek’s out there is all but I understand why I don’t see much of them.

    Arcosians: I’m not going to lie I like arco’s more then saiyan’s. I like the fact that you can make your self any color you want. I am going to pitch this and I know people are going to go gaaa but I like it. 100% full power “form”. Yes you will say “no point it’s not a form” but if so why did human’s get a buff form? Terms of power it’s just as powerful as a ssj.

    Ultimate evolution: I love it, frieza got it and it looks cool but as in dbc….I don’t like the fact that I look like golden form frieza. I know jin is going to make it that you can recolor it but would it be cool if you could make the aura any color you want? It’s would fit right in for sure in the looks department.

    aroc’s buffer form’s: I know why it’s in the game but other then make yourself weaker so someone can spar you is there a point to have them? If there is a use other then make yourself weaker to spar someone weaker then you plz let me know. But I think the buffer form’s can be used better. Like the lower you are in buffer form the more your training is better. Just add something to make it more then looks.

    Saiyan’s/half saiyan’s:….ok I know there is ssj4 being made but other then that saiyan’s…you got enough to last a life time. just saying.

    So what you think? I really want to see more love for human’s and namekians so people will want to play them and yes I do like acro’s but I can wait for them to get new things if it means more love for humans and namekians.

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    Sam Noé

    -In terms of pure stats, Nameks get I think weakest melee damage, while having highest ki blast damage, which can make them monsters if you use them properly. But yeah most players are only into spam click, let’s be honest, so they find it the weakest. Humans are balanced, so they’re good as they are but they lack real forms (full potential and buff can canonically be used by any race).

    – I don’t think giving the ability to gain more TP to Humans/Namek is a solution : it’s the reverse, people will rush them cuz of laziness and it’s simply easier. And mostly keep in mind that Saiyans are under the spotlights, so people will always sligltly prefer them.

    -I agree ’bout 100% form (which is already a thing in a way if you consider PP), Ultimate Evolution recolor is planned.

    -Now I think y’ain’t aware of the real use of lower forms of Arcos players : it’s for PP. if you spend (a lot) of time in a lower form at 50% power or less (if y’ain’t fighting and just wandering around the leave at 5% in minimal to still be able to fly), you slowly gain PP (the second number over your ki bar). PP are used when you’re in base form or higher (5th form, utlimate) at 100%, you automatically will start spending PP to give yourself a 15% boost if I recall well. From my little experience with Arcos they go down fast and it’s hella long to have’em back so if you wanna fight seriously but need to save up PP then use 95%, the difference ain’t big.

    -Well soon or late ther won’t be much more to add to Saiyans so… keep up ’til then 😛

    And also if Jin’s plans ’bout magic are still a thing then Namek Spiritualists will have a few advantages.

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    I know about PP. I’m just thinking they can be used for more then just getting more PP.

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