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      Ok. This list is gonna be long. Reply if you want to suggest anything and I’ll put my own take on it and add it in a new topic later on.

      Alrighty then, time to start:

      The first thing I really want to see added is customisable ultimate forms for arcosians. Basically in the anime, Frieza confirms that he could have made it any colour he wanted.

      Essentially, we need to make it so that other races have as much content as half saiyans and saiyans. Namekians could have a regeneration skill so they can substitute ki for health for a short while, as well as a demon form (elaborate in a reply please someone, I don’t have any ideas)

      For humans, we could give kaioken a buff to only humans, allowing them to ‘go beyond’ and use kaioken up to x500 (basically ssjb kaioken x 100) and make up to kaioken x 100 drain ki instead of health. (also, give a couple more ideas for a human transformation)

      Next on the list is ki clashes. They don’t work how they should, there should be an event so that whoever finishes a series of 20 keypresses wins the clash and their blast overpowers the other one. Also on the subject of ki attacks, we could add strike supers that would basically be custom combos. You could configure the number of attacks in your combo, up to 7, and what type of move each hit would be, so like a kick, a throw, a punch or whatever. as a side note, only skills of the same type can clash, otherwise they just cancel each other out, and when two attacks collide, the camera zooms out and gives you a view of the clash.

      then, dragon balls. There are a couple of wishes, but no useful ones as of now. There should be a long list of wishes that would look sorta like this:
      TP (configurable, default 10000)
      become stronger (configurable, default 5 onto a stat of your choice)
      increase limits (configurable, default adds 5 onto a stat of your choice)
      teach me a skill (learns a skill for free, default potentialunlock, dash, jump or fly)
      change my race (keeps everything, changes your race though)
      give me a new form (lets you make your very own transformation, with custom colour, hair etc. and basically the stronger you make the form, the more ki drain it would have, and this is hopefully how jin will add the custom forms he wants to add)
      grant me immortality (makes you immortal for default 5 mins, configurable)
      give me legendary status (does what it says on the tin until you die, configurable)
      make me a powerful skill (makes a custom skill with exclusive options, like adding a homing option, changing shape in mid-flight, new shapes like explosion (creates an explosion where your cursor is pointing), rapid ki blast barrage (the amount of blasts would depend on the charge time, and the damage for the rapid blasts would be the total of all of these blasts) and a higher level cap (default 20, configurable)

      and that’s my wish list, moving on now.

      Planets. Who doesn’t want random planets? there would be a space dimension that your space pod could go to, where there are randomly generated planets (with procedurally generated terrain, either a cube, a pyramid or a cuboid) each one would have its own gravity according to its size (this would work for weight training) that would kind of work like -1 to str and dex for every 10 cubic meters, and planets could be small or they could be gigantic, and they would all be made of destructible materials. planets with water on them could be home to a few life forms, like yardrats and saiyans. every so often you would find an evil arcosian in space who would attack any good players on sight. If you hit the bottom layer of a planet hard enough, the entire thing would slowly begin to deteriorate, and eventually would explode. anyone caught in the blast would go instantly down to 10% health.

      also, introducing a new block : the spaceship console! it would work like the Archimedes ships mod, so you place blocks around it and press a button to turn it into a spaceship. It would have to be sealed otherwise you would start to suffocate unless you were an arcosian.
      you would activate it like a space pod but you would be unable to move around on a planet (because it would be too glitchy). when you chose a dimension to go to it would translate your coordinates to the new dimension, except for y (it would just put you on the highest ground there) and you would be able to travel with friends too, provided that there were enough seats. Seats would work by checking if they were placed inside a spaceship, then when the player driving picks a dimension, it teleports everyone sitting in a seat. Also, if you chose to teleport to space, it would put you on the nearest planet

      right then, now onto fusions. we need two types. Potara, and dance. when you craft potara earrings, you get two of them, and you give a player one of the pair then you both put them on your head slot. if you’re in range of each other (5 blocks) you’ll go towards each other and fuse. The person controlling the fusion would be a 50 50 chance, and it would last the same amount of time no matter how you transformed (10 mins by default, configurable up to an hour). dance fusion would stay the same, except now there would be that jacket that all dance fusions wear.

      remember when Jin added that gravity device block? it needs a revamp. It would be hella expensive to craft, but it would be worth it. Basically it would be like the time chamber but the radius and strength of the gravity would be configurable by an interface (up to 50 blocks in any direction and 500x normal gravity. Both would be changeable in a gui.)

      and combat. it needs a serious revamp. just spamming left click feels really boring, so we should add in various elements to make a fight more interesting. To initiate a sparring match with another player, there would be a command, probably DBCSpar [playername]. after the sparring match, the winner gets tp that scales to the loser’s level (there would be an equation for this, something like level x 10 plus a bunch of other operations) and both players would be healed.

      in a battle there would be rapid punch clashes. if two players hit each other at the same time with a strike super, it goes into a rapid punch clash, with button prompts on screen. it would be a random series of 10 keypresses and would be the same for each player. whoever reaches the end first wins the clash and deals 3x as much damage with their strike super. during a punch clash, the camera would zoom out, showing both players punching each other (there would need to be custom animations for this). also, every so often while two players are fighting, lightning would strike the ground if both players were strong enough, otherwise particle effects or something would float off the ground. The lightning would make craters in the ground, just to make the field uneven.

      also, time breaker masks.
      they hide your name in the chat, replacing it with ‘Unknown [Your race]’, same with the tag above your head. They break after a few good hits to the head (the devblog talks about a combat revamp, it would work with this system, go check it out)

      and what we all want is a fresh do-over of the saga system, with side quests replaced by ‘what if’ scenarios (think parallel quests, but there’s more than one mission per alternate story) and a seperate saga for each alignment, good means that you step into the shoes of a z fighter, neutral meaning you help good and evil sometimes, and evil meaning you actively fight against the good dudes. For this, we would need a change in the A.I. to make it slightly better (so it could lock on, fire other types of ki attack, not just blasts, swoop etc)

      and finally, god ki. It needs to change. It would be a seperate thing to ki and would only regen if you were at 0%, owned godform and it would scale with your mind instead of spirit. All race’s godforms would drain god ki, and when it ran out, you would go down to base form, and you would have to wait for it to FILL UP COMPLETELY to reactivate godform. for other races, just to annoy the half saiyans out there, if you did the god ritual with any other race, it would fully restore your god ki and add 10% to your god ki pool for 10 minutes.

      well, I’m out of ideas. Feel free to reply with some fresh new creativity.

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      Kitsune 火

      I’ve been thinking.. an ”babyfication” would be nice, you should get the baby’s transformation, boosting att’s, and commons transformations. It would only work for saiyans.

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        So, similar to the current Legendary status effect? It would put the markings on your forehead, your hair becomes white(config with forms, like the current Legendary effect) but baby IS capable of entering any humanoid or alien entities, it was just never shown.(Plus saiyans are badass enough, not saying they cant use a little buffering here and there)

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        From what I’ve seen, Baby enhances the SSJ forms, that means that the “Babyfication” would affect all the SSJ forms if you are a Saiyan

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      forgot androidification and a bio-android race to kick off the ability to absorb others for power.

      also. i would like a complete re-work of the nimbuses.

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