The repercussions of MUI(because I wanna be a prick)

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      Yep, I’m e quback again. But with a high level of asshole-itude to boot! I want to talk about the MUI downsides, because they hurt like HELL. Simple way to put it is MUI has a time limit, just like the other forms. But much, MUCH worse.

      The first level of fun:
      When the time limit runs out, you become completely immobile, instantly reverting back to base, keeping at whatever percentage you were at with the black lightning striking out of the players body(for defence reasons) for about 30-45 seconds which is configurable. Then you become mobile again.

      The second level!:
      Once you regain your mobility, you have lost access to any transformation past Full power SS including godforms, kaioken and mystic(for about 2 minutes, configurable) as well as only being able to go to 50%.

      The 3rd level..:
      Oh how painful this is gonna be.
      The third will let you use SS1-4 and mystic, but still block godforms and kaioken for maybe about 25 minutes (and also configurable). As well as making you only be able to go up to 80% of max.

      4th level:
      You become capable of 100%, kaioken and SSGod, except SSB/SSR. But no use of UI/MUI for about an hour.(configurable)

      5th and final level(BEGIN😂)
      You get all transformations/skills/abilities back, along with UI/MUI. But since you dove a bit too far into the realm of the gods, the repercussions grow more dangerous each time you use MUI.

      Yep, this is what happens when I feel like being an ass. I make counterweights to stuff. BUT I want your feedback.


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      love it, only thing is when I am playing this mod on a server that is just way to long to wait for godform. I would just not use the MUI (which as a fanboy would hate the idea of this happening, but I understand why if it does happen) or I would just wait until i am just about to log off for the day and use MUI for what ever then just AFK my guy at my farm and have no real down side because I am not there to deal with it. I think you had it with the lower percentage idea, only strong player should have this skill so loosing a bit of you max percentage should not hurt as bad as loosing godform. loosing 20% for an hour is a lot better than loosing godform 20 minutes in my mind. I think after 20-25 minutes you should get back all your remaining forms not just SS1-SS4 and mystic. Then to counter balance you can’t use god kaio for an hour after you loose MUI and every five minutes you can raise your power by 5% until you reach 100% again. Maybe even make it so you can’t fuse after for an hour too. I want it to have a big downside but not so bad that it makes me feel like not playing after I use it, it should be there but not unplayable bad.

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