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      Ousama Norhan

      The Potara earrings in Dragon block c is a good idea for the fusions

      Because the fusions last longer and the person with more breath and good and pure will be the one who dominates only those of the same race can be merged there is an exception that would be with the saiyayins and half-saiyan, this fusion 1 hour but if one of the two remove the earring are also disfigured by the consumption of power, like the ssj 4 could put the metamorano clothes are put instantly

      (P.D I am a Spanish using the Google translator if you notice an error, forgive me Mr.Jinryuu)

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      Eh, the normal metamoran fusion isn’t fully finished yet.

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      Plus, it’s the person who is more dominating personality-wise. That’s why Vegito ended up so cocky exactly like Vegeta, same with Kefla who acted more like Caulifla. and potara earrings also vary depending on the form you use as well, like SSB Vegito only lasted about 5 minutes(If I remember right) the same length as a non-transformed metamoran fusion.

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        Sam Noé

        Ain”t totally right : Vegeto acts cocky like Vegeta but still fight like Goku : he makes it last as long as possible, starting slow, knowing his opponent is worht it, and so avoiding to to much damage it, going full power only when it becomes dangerous, like when Buuhan’s power started to alter reality (Vegeta would be more like to fight non-stop and heavily punishes each of his opponent’s mistakes).
        And if Kefla (seriously doesn’t it sound like some food name or what) is closer to Caulifla, it’s because, let’s face it, Kale does not have a (interesting) personnality, she repeats “Yes Sis !” dozens of time in a single episode, and is affraid of litterally every god damn thing. But out she’s just an empty character, that’s it

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        Vegeta toys with his enemies when he fights too, he gets too overconfident with enemies (Revival of F, he toyed with Frieza then he blew up the planet cause Vegeta wasn’t paying attention)

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      Vegetto Blue lasted 5 minutes due to the fact that he used all of his energy to blast out the Final Kamehameha at Merged Zamasu.

      Metamoran fusion lasts 30 minutes when it’s not transformed, SSJ3 Gotenks lasted 5 minutes as well as SSJ4 Gogeta.

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      SS3 Gotenks was 5 minutes, however SS4 Gogeta was 15 minutes soo, Idk how that works but yeah.

      Super Saiyan Blue didn’t reduce the time very much or even at all for Vegito I’m pretty sure, but like this gent above me said, The Final Kamehameha took a majority of energy and power into his shot and reduced his time horribly.

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