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      Jin once said he could make a new Ki attack system and he also has a small teaser at the “Teasers” section. I have some suggestions for the new system:

      Waves and Disks
      Waves and Disks should pass trough blocks (and of course destroy them) before exploding.
      Also a really frustrating feature is if you hit a wave or literally any Ki blast with a projectile for example and arrow it blows up. It should rather grow in size and strength proportionate to the damage the projectile made (if its weaker). The collision detection between two blasts could be improved also. If two (or more) Ki attacks hit each other the stronger one pushes the other one back, but it should be more precise and you should be able to boost the attack with another Ki attack or just by increasing your power(hope you understood what i meant). If the Other Ki attack is lets say a Supernova you would be able to push it back but just with a wave or Spiral attack unless the Ki attack is stronger than the Supernova.

      Hitting a Ki blast
      If you are strong, way stronger than the Ki blast, you should be able, if you punch it in the right moment, to reflect it.

      Currently you are able to move while you are attacking with a wave or spiral attack. This has to change. You cant move just like when you are releasing. As simple as that.

      Well, i’m done!
      Hope you liked it!

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      100% agree

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      Son Netsui Surudan

      Another idea:If you try to deflect a ki attack strongest then you,you will take all the damage of him,but will can ”fight” whit then,whit this you will can save others persons(ex:if a person atta ck you and you friend,you can deflect then for you friend run.)

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      Sebastian Dandanell

      The Movement part is just stupid?? Have you even see Piccolo vs Frost? Where he uses his arm to hold frost and using his hands to defend himself.

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        Tho never seen Goku moving willingly when executing a good’ol’ KameHameHa.
        So it’s stupid for spirals but not for waves.

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      Sebastian Dandanell

      Oh well, he did “dodge” while channeling wave in ultra instict ūüėČ but sure I see your point there.
      Your quick on em buttons man XD

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