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      DBC Suggestions

      Majin Race

      Note: Due to my own personal love for the Majin Race, I think I have created a way for the Majins to work in DBC and for everyone to have a good time.

      Ok so, the Majins act similarly to any other race, they can punch/kick/shoot Ki-blasts, nothing is different… except for a few key things.

      First off, The Regen, for the Majin race I proposition that they should be able to passively heal, the way to control the speed/rate at which they heal could be altered in the configs, but personally I feel that they should be able to heal every 15 seconds, and they will heal, let’s say about 25% of their HP and Stamina, this should leave any fighter that is on par with or above more then enough time to damage a Majin enough to either kill or let them keep the advantage in a fight. Of course you could always change it in the configs but for me I feel like that’s a good default.

      Secondly, The Candy Beam, for the Majin race the candy beam will ordinarily function similarly to a laser beam or a spiral attack, however, if the attack successfully lands on the opponent, they will be slowed temporarily and take dmg (candy beam dmg scales to Ki dmg), if the Majin successfully kills/lands the finishing blow with the candy beam… their opponent will transform into a small piece of candy that upon being eaten will give back 10% HP and Stamina. P.S. The candy beam uses up KI similarly to any ordinary Ki attack.

      And Finally, Absorption, for the Majin race Absorption would be pretty cool in my opinion, it would start off with Absorption being locked behind the super form skill (so would the candy beam attack), upon reaching Super Form lvl 3 Majins would gain the Absorption ability, they can switch to it from the action menu, Majins would have to hold the g key to fire off a piece of themselves at their opponent, if the move misses then the Majin would gain a status effect called “Stretched Out” which would basically make it so a Majin can’t use the absorption ability until it goes away (default time is 5 mins). If the move lands, then their opponent would start to be covered in the blob and be given a 2-3 second time frame to use any move, let’s say they use a shield to protect themselves, then both the Majin and the opponent would be thrusted into a minigame similar to the Bit Life Prison Escape Minigame, with the Majin as the cop and the opponent as the prisoner. During the minigame the opponent has the opportunity to “save” anybody that has been absorbed by the Majin in the server (By save I mean rid the Majin of the stat boosts), or just plain escape, if they escape successfully then any people the opponent had “Saved” would be “freed” and the Majin would lose the stat bonuses. If the opponent however didn’t get to use a move in time then they would be killed and the Majin would gain 100% of their stats (if they were transformed then they would gain the transformed stats, works the same for fusion.) (The percentage for absorption gains can be changed within the configs.)

      Side Notes:
      Anyone that died due to Absorption would be given the “Fatigued” status effect for a minute.

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      Also, if the Majin catches the opponent during the whole Prison Minigame, then the opponent would be absorbed automatically and the Majin would re-absorb any people that had been “Saved”

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      1)25% Health recovery every 15 seconds is broken. You say that’s enough time to negates its effect, but first even with that 25% is a lot, and second that’s if the Majin just doesn’t just camp you each time he loses too much Health, because yes, thanks to Ki Barrage, camping is a thing now. Camping isn’t bad in itself except if you get way too much off it. You can’t remove camping but you make it so that it’s not broken. So as a default config, pretty bad idea. However if that suits your taste, do as you please.

      I think default config should somewhere like 1% of Health every 5 seconds, because I think ki drain ticks each 5 seconds so it would make sense. Ki regen can already be set by giving a postive drain to base form in the config

      2)That actually is pretty interesting : a debuff move, we’ve never seen that yet.
      That would be pretty interesting to see more “magic” move like this I think

      3)If find it broken, getting the stats of another player as a permanent boost, even if it’s once per player, and especially with Forms/Fusion.
      So rather than just complain let’s suggest something else.

      So the Majins/Buu’s race racial skill would be called Absorbstion.

      What would it do : well it would give you a ki blast-like attack, which cost a set percent of your Ki and Health (you’re litterally throwing a piece of yourself at your opponent) that upon landing, would try absorbing the player, as you suggest.

      Now how it would work and the effect would be different.

      So you land the attack. You and your ennemy see a pink bar, the higher the level of the Absorption skill, the more filled it is to begin with.
      Also epending on the difference in power level between you and your opponent, the bar will be more of less filled, maybe to the point it’s completly full or empty to begin with.
      When you punch, the bar fills up a bit, if it becomes full, the absorption is a success, you’re restored the used Ki and Health and the ennemy is freed but he’s lost the same percent of Health.
      When the ennemy punches, the bar empties a bit, if it becomes empty, the absorption fails and he breaks free with no consequences.

      And if it succeeds, you copy and learn permanently the current power-up of your ennemy with all of it’s characteristics. So if your ennemy had a form with a x5 multiplier and huge ki drain, you now have a permanent access to a form called Absorbed Power with a x5 multiplier and a huge ki drain. The only way to lose it is to absorb someone else.

      That puts the opponent in a very thight situation : transforming means giving you the opportunity to get even stronger.

      Oh and when the Absorption skill is maxed, the form you learn is slightly better than the original.

      Absorbing a person in base form would automatically fail or why not give you a temporary small power-up.
      Of course you can’t absorb God Forms, Mystic, and Kaioken as they are special transformations and trying would do the same as trying to absorb someone in base form. I think absorbing Fusion wouldn’t be bad, then again that’s even more gambling the opponent has to do

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        1) You’re right I completely forgot about Ki blast barrages lol, though I added in that you could always alter it, but I think your regen rate is a better default.

        2) Glad you like it :D, that was the easiest one for me to think up.

        3) I forgot to add it on but dying gets rid of the boosts, but I do think that your way of Absorption is probably better in the long run. Absorbing someone in their base state should just give a temporary power-up, however I do agree that some Ordinary Majin most likely wouldn’t be able to absorb someone who has received training from the Gods! But maybe a Godly Majin could?

        Oh and absorbing a Fusion would most likely just fall under the same grounds as absorbing an ordinary player, just with bigger boosts overall, i.e. if they’re in say SSJ4 we can absorb them…but not if they’re in a god form.

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