The game crashes when I use the mod extra armor!

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    I do not know where to start … For some time I have not used the mod Dragon Block C, but finally I came back to play the mod! And all this was thanks to the Ultra Instinct update! But when I try to play in minecraft 1.4.59 the game crashes and closes, I read an excerpt from the .minecraft folder and said the following: “—- Minecraft Crash Report —-
    // I feel sad now 🙁

    Time: 11/27/18 08:08
    Description: Rendering entity in world

    java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: armorNamePrefix
    at me.aegous.extraarmor.armor.DBCArmor.getArmorTexture ( ”
    So I figured the error might be related to the mod Extra Armor! Is there a way to play with the mod in Dragon Block C 1.4.59 without closing the game?
    Ps: Sorry for the bad English, the Google Translator is not perfect! 🙁

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