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    To give a simple overview first, this post will be about how the eight gates should work and how to change the chakra system to better work with them.

    Chakra system rework:

    First the icon that shows your chakra amount would be changed to look like the picture above. The amount of chakra you have will be shown by how much of the body is full but now there will be another color indicating which gates you have open, if none the gate circles will be blacked out.

    Now the last major thing I want changed about chakra is its affect on you. Even though this is present in dragon ball, if your low on chakra in the Naruto universe, then you would be knocked out and could even die.

    My idea is you would have no negative effects on you when you have more than 20% of your chakra. however, if you fall below that you would have decreased stats depending on how far below 20% you are and how long you remain below 20%.
    If you fall to 0% chakra and don’t recover it soon, you will die. This would make preserving chakra a lot more important since you would have to count chakra as a part of your life force, similar to how it is in Naruto.

    Eighth Gates:

    Obtain-You would have to find the scroll for this hidden throughout the world. Possibly you could find technique skills dropped by a leaf ninja mob or maybe if you found a generated Orochimaru’s hideout?

    You would activate each gate through the transformation button to make it easier for coding. Every time you press the transformation button you will attempt to open the next gate.

    You would have to level up the skill to open all 8 gates but you will most likely have to get used to how it affects you.

    Every Gate has the effect of the previous gates plus some extra effect(s).

    First Gate, Gate of Opening-
    Str- 5x multiplier
    Dex- 5x multiplier

    These would be the raw stat increases and before you say this is overpowered.
    1. This is canon, the first gate allows you to go from 20% muscle strength to 100% which is 5x
    2. this has some drawbacks of course

    Visual-This gate won’t have any visual differences aside from those who can sense chakra of course.

    1. anything that costs stamina costs 1.5x as much and your stamina comes back 1/2 as fast.
    2. your health will slowly lower
    3. After using it for more than 2 minutes, 10 minutes if you have the 8 gates skill maxed out, you will gain fatigue similar to how you get fatigue from kaioken.

    Fatigue- When you have fatigue, you can’t go above 50% potential and your str and dex stats are reduced by 1/3 of your original stats.

    Second gate, Gate of Rest-
    1. temporarily, you will not have the drawback of increased stamina costs and stamina recovery however, after 1 minute you will regain the stamina drawback and you will start having the fatigue effect, even if you stay in the “form” or revert.

    Third gate, Gate of Life-
    1.When you open this gate, the rate at which you recover your chakra is 1.5x faster.

    This is my interpretation of increased blood flow, this would either help health recover or chakra and chakra makes more sense.

    Visual- you will have a green aura around you, I would say red skin but that wouldn’t work with custom skins :/

    Fourth gate, Gate of Pain-
    1.The increase in your stats goes up from 5x to 6x will take 1.5x more damage from attacks

    Fifth gate, Gate of Limit-
    1.the increase in your stats goes from 6x to 7x

    Sixth gate, Gate of View-
    1.the increase in your stats goes from 7x to 9x
    this is due to the massive difference between the gate of limit and gate of view.

    Seventh gate, Gate of Wonder-
    1. the increase in your stats goes from 9x to 10x
    2. the increased damage you take goes from 1.5x to 3x
    visual- the aura around you is now blue

    Eighth gate, Gate of Death-
    It is said that your strength is 100x normal but that would be too good XD
    1. the increase in your stats goes from 10x to 20x
    2. this gate has a time limit of 1-2 minutes and you take constant damage the whole time, enough to kill you when the timer hits 0. Unless some special scenario happens, you will die from this technique

    You would learn these techniques and would only be able to use them when a certain gate or higher is open.

    First gate-
    Primary lotus- You will grab a target 1-2 blocks away from you and slam you and him towards the ground. The higher up you both were, the more damage this move does. this move does damage to both people involved but only half the amount to the user.

    Third gate-
    Hidden lotus- A more powerful version of the primary lotus, If the target isn’t already in the air, this technique will attempt to take you and your opponent 5 blocks in the air (will stop at lower height if a block is in the way.

    Sixth gate-
    Morning peacock- If the target isn’t already in the air, this technique will hit them up 7 blocks if possible(only if they are 1-2 blocks away). Then you will be teleported next to them and have a 2 second time limit where you and your opponent are suspended in mid air(if your opponent can fly/dodge they can escape this move) where you can punch them as much as you can. Then after the 2 seconds, they will be knock back to the ground where they will take massive damage and be stunned shortly.

    Seventh gate-
    Daytime tiger- you would activate this technique/”jutsu” then the next right click you do would take a large chunk of your stamina but send out a blast dealing massive damage in an area

    Eighth gate-
    Evening elephant/sekizo- This ability would be a toggle, after activation every punch you do would take a bigger chunk of stamina than daytime tiger does but is done can be done in succesion. The blasts that you shoot will have heavy knockback and debuff the person hit with heavy slowness and weakness.

    Night guy- You would have to be at 100% to activate this technique and this would take away all your remaining chakra. You would lock on to a target from a distance away and then activate the skill. The technique would begin to charge and you would need to prepare for this strike. This attack when released, would make you go from 20x to 30x speed while you start to run towards your locked on target. When/if you reach 3-4 blocks near the target, reactivating the skill will initiate the kick/hit/punch. When hit by this, you and the target will be launched 35 blocks
    (if possible) in the direction you were going before the hit. This would end up killing you but would deal damage equal to 100x your str and then some.

    This was a long post but I hope it was enjoyable :). I researched alot for this post so I would hope you did.

    Till next time

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    This is so huge i have to support it.

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    i did alot of work on this post, re watching the series on reading the manga over couple times to get my facts right. also since he just did the post, I scrambled to do this fast 🙂
    Good that you support it though

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      That’s some real dedication right there, i’m proud xD

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    How do i use it idk How to

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    1.this is a suggestion on how to add to the eight gates technique inside of Naruto c. This post’s ideas are not in the mod

    2. if thats not what you mean please elaborate

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    And for others, not to plug myself to much but…..I put just as much work into my others posts.

    If you are interesting in sealing jutsu’s, the curse mark, or even the izanagi technique please go look at those posts and show them some love 🙂

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    Yo I really hope Jin sees this cause I want to see this added into the mod. Also I can definitely tell you did your research gg man

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    For Morning Peacock I’d say no stamina costs from the hits and/or stamina regenerates faster,
    because nothing would suck more than giving up everything to do a Morning Peacock and end up only getting one hit in.

    But these ideas are awesome!!!

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