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      Super Saiyan Rage

      This is for people who want to see super saiyan rage in the mod. stated in the manga, ssjrage increases the users power around the same as a ssj3. so my idea would be for this form to be exclusive to half saiyans, and have ssj3 be exclusive to full saiyans. (gotenks is a exception, as fusion goes two halfs make a whole.) so their transformation line would be the same as a saiyan except for ssj3 being replaced by ssjrage with the same multiplier just a blue aura and darker lightning around ssj2.

      Legendary Super Saiyan

      People are very mixed about where Legendary Super Saiyan (lssj) should be scaled power wise. some say its power rivals a god, while others say its power is weaker than a ssj2. My idea is completely different. In Daizenshuu 6, it is states that legendary super saiyan broly is a foe with bottomless power. Does that mean lssj should have god tier power? not exactly. Does that make lssj weaker than ssj2? not exactly that either. the multiplier would all be dependent on your level. since lssj is unique in that only one person would be able to use it temporarily, i thought about making it strong as well as weak. lssj would technically only be as strong as you were. Thats right, levels are the key. your level determines your multiplier. although for this to not become overpowered, the maximum multiplier would have to stop just before god forms. here’s the lssj skill tree i came up with.

      Physical qualities and multipliers of each transformations:

      A Type Super Saiyan:
      -Green Eyes
      -Dark Dark Blue hair, slightly raised.
      -cyan aura
      -multipliers inbetween Oozaru form and super saiyan form

      Same as Ssj for normal saiyans

      -Pure White Eyes
      -green aura
      -Greenish/yellow Hair, raised like ssj1
      -physical appearance similar to super saiyan third grade/ultra super saiyan except a bit larger
      -Multiplier based on level not to exceed past god forms

      Legendary Oozaru form:
      – same size as a regular oozaru
      – greenish-yellow color fur
      – keeps hair from base form but in the same greenish-yellow color and slightly raised
      – power is slightly stronger than golden oozaru, no matter your level. this form also takes the place of your normal oozaru when looking at the moon/power ball.


      This form was the hardest to come up with, but similar to the kaioken along the lines of leveling it up. you would get the massive boost of power upon holding g(power inbetween ssj3 and god form). this form would raise your hair like super saiyan, and give you a white aura. the power of this form gradually increases the more you upgrade it, no ki is needed to upkeep this form, but the catch is if you die half of the leveling up on your mystic form will be taken away(example: if you die while the skill is at level ten, it will be reduced to five. if it is at 9, it will be rounded up to five.). this is to somewhat balance it out. only avaliable to good hearted people. no other transformations will be avalailable while in this form and to deactivate it would be in a similar way to arcosians descending forms.

      Majin Form

      This would work by allowing users to use 150% of their ki instead of the normal 100%, a m will appear on their forehead, power equal to ssj3, stamina recovery boost. this form is usable by people of neutral and evil standings. the form lasts until you become good and can be deactivated like arcosians by using the descend under the x menu.

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      Dominick Finch

      I agree with everything except the SSJRage thing being exclusive to half Saiyan. What I was thinking of was when you hit Super form level 6 you press a button and a screen would pop up. It would say something like.
      Congratulations you have achieved a new paradigm of power. You may now choose your path.
      Then below that in yellow boxes would be the words rage and in the other one would be SSJ3. Since they both would apply the same power up the look would be for aesthetic purposes only. Kind of like SSJB and SSJR in the mod. Both have the same power up but they just look different.

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      I think that instead of Super Saiyan Rage being a replacement for SS3, it should instead replace SS4 for Half-Saiyans.
      Hear me out, you need your tail to become a Golden Great Ape and then move to SS4, like Goku, Vegeta, and even Broly and Gohan according to Dragon Ball Heroes.
      However Half-Saiyans have the option to not have a tail at creation like Trunks, and as the game is right now they can never just regrow it from Kami either.

      So by that logic, Half-Saiyans can’t get SS4 if you they chose not to be born with a tail, putting them at a pretty big disadvantage.
      If Rage were to be given as a replacement for their tail, then that would both give Half-Saiyans a reason to get rid of their tails and Great Ape Forms, and give them a bit of diversity.

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        i like this idea, but i came up with something thinking about this disadvantage. Kind of like how trunks absorbed a spirit bomb, their would be a added transformation. Full power super saiyan rage, equal in power to ssj4, would be obtained after unlocking ssjrage and would require one saiyan in ssj3, any affinity, to charge you up similar to god form but with one ssj3. alternatively in singleplayer, goku. however unlike god form you would unlock this permanently.

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      I personally like the idea of Super Saiyan Rage being a Half-Saiyan only transformation, there aren’t enough differences between Saiyans and Half-Saiyans right now to warrant the separation of races after all. I view it like this:

      Half-Saiyans: Super Saiyan > Super Saiyan 2 > Full Power Super Saiyan 2 > Super Saiyan Rage
      Full-Saiyans: Super Saiyan > Super Saiyan 2 > Super Saiyan 3 > Super Saiyan 4

      Although I also kinda like the idea of Rage being the God Form for Half-Saiyans but I know people would probably get upset over that. I personally view FPSSJ2 as being a 2.3x multiplier with less drain than SSJ3 and Super Saiyan Rage as being as strong if not stronger than SSJ4 but with more drain. Half-Saiyans would also have a naturally better Mystic state than Full-Saiyans.

      We could even make it so just like FPSSJ replacing SSJ, FPSSJ2 would replace SSJ2 so it would instead go like: FPSSJ > FPSSJ2 > SSJ Rage which would make Half-Saiyans more unique compared to Saiyans.

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      Huh. These are actually some pretty good ideas. Though personally I feel like the others have a point. Half saiyans and regular saiyans have little to no difference. Personally I believe it should go like this:

      Half Saiyans: Oozaru -> SSJ -> SSJ 2 -> SSJ 3 -> (Maybe) Golden Oozaru -> Mystic -> (God) SSJ Rage/Ikari
      Saiyans: Oozaru -> SSJ -> SSJ 2 -> SSJ 3 -> Golden Oozaru -> SSJ 4 -> (God) God -> SSJ Blue/Rose

      And again; it’s just a random idea but it would make it nice to change things up rather then Half Saiyans just being a more customizable Saiyan ;p

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