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    Simple suggestion here.

    The concept is that Jin could update Saiyan god forms to work in a fashion similar to the manga, basically make it so Super Saiyan Blue causes strain the longer you use it, when you exit Blue and try to enter it again without taking a break, it would become much weaker.

    So say you go Blue for five minutes then go base form. You would have strain for the next 10 minutes and if you try entering Blue again, it would only be as powerful as Super Saiyan 3, do it again, Super Saiyan 2 and so on.

    With the addition of such a mechanic. SSGSS would have new abilities.

    First if you have Level 1 God Ki you will have SSGSS unlocked, level 2 you unlock SSG. When you have Level 2 God Form and therefore SSG unlocked, you can press a hotkey to instantly transform from SSG into SSGSS and then SSGSS into SSG using that same hotkey. The effect would be that you can instantly enter Blue for a brief moment mid-battle then go back into God to remove the strain from using Blue in an instant.

    Second if you have Level 3 God Ki (Which would be extremely expensive mind you!) you will unlock “Mastered” SSGSS, this would make it so you can briefly use the full power of SSGSS even if you have spammed the form, for one minute, after one minute you would begin taking damage from using “Mastered” SSGSS.

    In return SSGSS could be buffed in the default config from a 3x boost to 4x to make the new changes more worth it.

    I would imagine that with these two new mechanics that Level 4 God Form would be used for Goku’s new form.

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    It would make the game a bit harder but based on the way your explaining it it would also be slightly op, nice trade off, i like it 🙂

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    Would be cool seeing this in action. I was thinking that press CTRL and a certain button could take you into a lower form in a transformation line as G takes you into higher. H fully powers you down, though, but I’m getting off topic. Cool idea.

    (Also, I know you remember me, Cryo. I remember you vividly.)

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    I know not of this Cryo you speak of, I am merely Mayo, Cryo is just tacked-on garbage so I can use this username.

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