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      First: I know SS5 already exists in april fools mode but it’s just a recolored SS4.
      The SS5 transformation in my opinion, whould act like a kaioken – type form on its first level (There whould be 2 levels for this form). By acting as a kaioken form I mean it whould drain hp, ki, stamina just like in Young Jiji’s manga. The second level whould be the mastered version and It whould act like a normal superform (without draining hp). The hair should be a combination of the SS4 and SS3 hair.
      Also to achieve this form you will need a tail.
      I am a huge fan of Young Jiji’s manga so please take time and consider this.

      Thanks for listening!

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      First Saiyans already have more than enough forms.
      Second it’s an April Fool, which means it’s a joke, which means Ben is not going to be serious about it.
      Third if this make it into the mod then everybody is going to come and ask for his Deviant Art edgy form or character and that’s going to be hell.

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      i’d say if it does get added it should have 5 different levels, slowly going down in HP drain

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      SSJ5 will stay as a recolor only forever.

      The only closest chance that it would ever be implemented is if we add a Custom Form creator.

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      Instead of ssj5 it could be ssj4 limit breaker like what goku did

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      I believe this is a cool idea, sure it might be an April fools joke, haha non canon transformation update haha big funny, but I really think SS5 should have it’s own space, instead of it just being “you either look like a SS4 or a SS5.” Who knows, it’d be nice to use both a SS5 and SS4 form without constantly pressing K just to switch appearance. Though, I would like to keep this transformation to only be a april fools joke config and for it to be only server-sided. Maybe if Ben has spare time he could just update it a little to make it similar to the big idea, possibly in the future April fools update(if there is one, of course.)

      P.S. This is a suggestion, can’t really be debatable.

      EDIT: m-maybe even give it it’s o-own requirements and b-buffs :flushed:

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