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    As far as I can tell this hasn’t been added yet to Dragon Block C but I believe kaioken should only be sustainable in god forms as it is now you can use super saiyan with kaioken which doesn’t seem to make much sense as goku only used kaioken with Blue (unless you want to count the time he went super kaioekn in filler while he was dead) but hey if you still want to use kaioken with super regular super saiyan make it have a larger health drain or just simply kill you if your kaioken skill level isn’t high enough of course if you go with this idea it would make sense if you could use the two if you were dead.

    Like I said I don’t know if something like this has been fleshed out in the mod.

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    This…. is just doing things for the sake of realism which is just a plain bad idea. It’s a game, it doesn’t have to 100% follow the show’s details.

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    just me being nit-picky ssb :v urks me to just casually use super kaioken but I adore the idea of using kaioken with godforms. I just happen to be really nit picky about small details about that it’d feel more immersive at least to me if kaioken were at least more easily sustainable in god forms. But oh well

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    Maybe the drain is slightly more when using any other form other than the god forms.

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    It isn’t just for the sake of realism as a lot of people want to get ssjb kaioken since Jin advertised it as a new feature when it came out but then it wasn’t enabled by default and required you to enable kaioken with every form. But this caused problems where if a form can’t use kaioken then it is useless and inferior to every other form and it also just kinda set a standard that any form is useless in a fight against another player with a kaioken.

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    I’m glad any of you were able to make any sense out of this. I wrote this after staying up for a couple days. But the fact still stands at least for me why not make the mod resemble the the show a little more but I did say godforms so using kaioken in any of the god forms hell maybe even arcosian golden form would be more viable. Really what I’m just trying to say is perhaps make kaioken drain more health when used in regular super forms while in god forms it’s a lot more manageable

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    I for one would appreciate the option to toggle Super Kaio-Ken for only God forms. I would also enjoy if we could say, toggle Super Kaio-Ken for specific forms.

    For example, I would want Kaio-Ken to be sustainable in Great Namek, 5th form, God forms and Mystic but not Super Saiyan transformations and Golden.

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    I’m surprised some people are agreeing with my nit-picking and you’re also giving me more insight on the entire concept I would have never had thought of making it usable in specific forms hopefully jin sees this or already has something like this planned which would be dandy.

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