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      Hello Jingames Team,
      i wanted to suggest that you could maybe upload your work on the site.
      This only wouldnt make it available for a lot more people but it would get a lot more attention and recognition, it makes it a lot easier for the player to acess the mod ( Twitch launcher) and it would defintely help when it comes to using it for private puposes only. I know that Jin did not want it to be used in modpacks but this is a mod that is perfectly suited for a modpack and honestly it makes it a lot more fun. Also you can prevent the illegal use of your work through Twitches license System. Another reason for example is that Free Server providers such as can you use your mod and make it available as apart of their mod collection sertently isnt a Server provider that lets you make big servers it is mainly for the use of private servers of 4-8 people where you would play with your friends, you can check the site out there have a been a lot of request of your mod in their community just type in aternos dragon block c mod it has been the most requested mod in their forum. I am not begging or anything but not only me but a big chunk of the dragon block c community would probably much appreciate if you considered it. Also i think i never gave my condolences for the loss of Jin in the Dragon Block C community so here i am im sorry for the loss of Jin may he live on in the Other World.

      Best regards minemetti (a faithful dragon block c player)

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      Jose Daniel

      That is a very good idea and the mod will probably become more recognized.

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      Jose Daniel

      Apparently this issue was ignored … what a shame

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