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    I’m curious Whats everyone’s main race you like playing and how do you like playing them. For myself I like to play Arcosians as my main and I like to give them good defense at the start then work on Con, and then I’ll slowly raise the other stats. I’m curious to see how you guys start your characters off compared to myself and everyone else. So please Indulge me.

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    Yea, Same arcosians have many transformations too.
    I raise My strength a bit then go for CON and Defense

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    Sam Noé

    Interesting topic.
    I’d say humans for they virtually infinite stamina, making forms much easier to sustain. But forms are what they lack the most unfortunately. Also, they’ve got good health. All of that makes that you don’t have to worry much about having a sustainable STR/CON ratio in early game and even mid-game.

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