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      Start game planet!
      so… you’ve joined the game. sadly you have not chosen ur race so. welcom to god’s world!
      here you are a soul and must talk to the great grand master (workshopped). talk, choose race and for this example. lets choose saiyans!

      Before we start i will say, you will be born with a random power level. the lower power levels will increase in power 1.5x faster and the higher ones will gain power at normal rate. If one chooses extreme training as either one could surpass rest.

      Saiyans: Welcome to Planet Vegeta!(name)

      Medical Saiyans
      They never fight elite saiyans due to their loyalty to the king, and right clikcing them as an elite or high ranked saiyan (or arcosian) will get them join your fleet. They will attempt to heal you when you take damage (even when in danger) and will fight enemies when commanded. Whey have very little health (around 300) and do around 20 dmg (plus stun).

      Places to be born in

      Elite Warrior Home
      You will spawn in a baby pod with medical saiyans rushing around. As a baby, your punches will be to weak to break glass. there will be a contraption on the side and when right clicked will open glass and let you out. On the outside you will be able to see you base power level as a baby. Your power level should be anywhere from 100 to 400 with a 0.25 chance of being the legendary saiyan. Your parents will be waiting for you and will direct you to your saibamen chamber, after offering the skill saiyan power for free (which gives one 50 tp per level for first 10 levels), which should enable you to beat saibamen if stats managed well. Afterwards Grand Vizier Nappa will offer to take you in his space pod. This will start you with alignment 40% (evil) and you will go off in space pod for 20 minutes with plenty of tp increasing minigames to go around.

      Low class home
      you will spawn in space pod with parents in front of you. from here you can see your power level in screen and will be sent off to a planet. you will have a 0.1% of being the legendary saiyan and you power level may be anywhere from 2 to 20 (in rare cases you may go up to 100 but higher is very rare). 20 minutes to play many tp increasing minigames. You have a higher chance of h=being born with

      King Vegeta’s palace
      Spawning here will take you through exact same thing as elite home except more rooms, soldier saiyans and your father. king Vegeta. When born here higher power levels are guaranteed and you have a 0.5% chance of being the legendary saiyan, giving you a birth power of 10,000, which is a lot compared to the average baby power level of 252. If you are the legendary saiyan instead of being sent on a 20 minute trip to your planet tou will go straight to planet vampa. On the fifth minecraft day your father will crash land closeby with a single medical Saiyan and Batlle saiyan with him. If your hunger drops below 50% he will kill battle one and have saiyan meat to give you (which fill hunger bar) and next time if go below 40% he will kill medical.

      Earth will be same

      If you want me to add more examples plz tell me i have fun doing it!

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