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      I got annoyed with the stamina regen on this mod lol.
      So I planned on using the RFTools timer, set the delay as minimum as possible you know.
      Set energy regen to a custom number (regen X energy points every time the timer sent a signal to a command block)
      Did the same for stamina too! Same setup and everything

      Went into the config to disable the regen configs for the two….

      Completely forgot there’s only health and energy. No stamina config at all. I think that this should yknow…be added in. Nothing major, the same configs we have for health and energy regen would be fine.

      # Server Sided! If ‘true’ then the current Stamina Regeneration Over Time will be used, If ‘false’ then no Stamina Regeneration will be made. (may reduce lag if false)
      B:”Stamina Regen”=false

      # Server Sided! Stamina Rate can be, ‘normal’, ‘slow’, ‘fast’,’faster’.
      S:”Stamina Regen Rate”=faster

      (The above bolded was a copy and paste with the words changed to “Stamina” instead. Those are the only configs that are needed for stamina)

      I have no idea why there’s both Energy and Health regen config and no stamina, but I mean, this could be beneficial for the few who want to customize it all personally with command blocks and timers in world.

      Just thought I’d suggest this here…because stamina deserves equality too yknow.

      Don’t scream it can break the game, just keep the settings at default then. No breaking happens.

      I just ran across this while playing earlier today 😛

      Maybe it’ll be added but I suppose that’s not on me lol
      This could just be a small placeholder for the long needed stamina revamp, who knows!

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      I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion.

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      I 100% Agree with that i think we should make that happen!

    • #38556

      Well seeing as the next update comes out within the next 12(ish) hours, HOPEFULLY, Jin adds this config in lol

      I would like to see it implemented since it was neglected to be added.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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