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    I know that ssj3 drains a lot and is strong but what about UE? Is UE stronger then ssj3 and does it drain more?

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    Up to the player, you can configure both forms strength and drain however you like.

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    So in other words it’s up to the admin of the server you play on to make a form stronger or weaker?

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    Sam Noé

    Just as he said.
    Buit UE is cannonically shown to be on par with SSB…
    Meh doesn’t matter in the end, you can set everything as you whish.

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    Canonically, it would be based on the strength of the person. If someone magically attained UE, say Frost(He didn’t deserve it….) He would be no match for a SSB such as Goku or Vegeta.

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      Sam Noé

      Ah good point. But when you see SSJ2 Caulifla matching with SSJ2 Goku with ease even if she has reached that form like 2.37 seconds ago, you see that they don’t give a fuck, cuz Caulifla should be exhausted after three second of random punching while Goku would still be fresh. You could say that Goku was holding back but with this kind of argument you can excuse anything.

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    Ultimate evolution by default is completely equal to Super Saiyan 3 in terms of statistics. It is worth noting however that Arcosians can use their 100% power ability in Golden to make it even stronger. So a 100% Golden Arcosian by default is slightly stronger than a Super Saiyan God at a 2.875x increase.

    Of course this all heavily varies based on server settings. You yourself can adjust these settings in the config for single player if you so desired.

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