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      You can create a new transformation, a transformation of the limit breaker and make one of mirai trunks (ssj rage), and also add new missions to the mod (super saga)

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      Lolo Dentz

      good idea

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      No more Saiyan Transformations, keep SSJR out of this mod for a good while and Limit Breaker is also a big no, we haven’t seen enough of the form to get a solid idea of it yet.

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      You do not know if jinryuu will put it or not.
      Let Jinryuu think about it, you are very annoying

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        TDS Odyssey

        Aye, FlamesWrath has a point, UI or Limit Breaker, whatever you want to call it, and Super Saiyan Rage is stuff we don’t need, he needs to fix the mods itself, it’s bad enough that SSJ4 was added since G3 hairs wasn’t even a thing.

        Also, you are very annoying just for wanting some aesthetics over a better mod.

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        You’re right about the fact that I dont know if Jin will put it in or not. But I’m not gonna just go “Well this is obviously the worst option Jin could possibly, but it’s Jin so I’ll just let him do whatevs.”

        SSJ rage and UI being released over any of the following:
        Combat update
        G3 hairs
        Race update
        Story update

        That would only serve to benifit Saiyans. Not anyone else. And at this point, fuck how much Saiyans have, other races should get some love at this point. I understand that you want a certain form but it’s not going to make the mod better.

        And I’m annoying for wanting a fair gameplay expeirence?


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        @Gabriel Santos

        Correction: You don’t know if Jin Ryuu will add such a thing to the mod yet or not.

        Correction: You should let Jin Ryuu think very hard about what he wants to do to his mod.

        Also, why are you being a hypocrite, you say this shit to the people who don’t want UI added yet, but you defend the people who do, it’s Jin’s mod if he doesn’t want to add UI yet then he doesn’t want to, stop asking.

        Also calling someone annoying after they called someone else the same thing is very childish, come up with something better to insult with, kiddo.


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        TDS Odyssey


        Please don’t a cancerous kid, it doesn’t work out in the end for y’all.

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      Sorry if I step on your dreams of getting subpar Saiyan transformations because I want a better mod.


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      Sam Noé

      Tis really gettin’ cancerous, can we stay on the main subject gentlemen ? Thank you.
      But even though I’m joinin’ Flames there : Saiyans have it all and adding transormations shouldn’t be the absolute priority (then again of course Jin does as he whishes, and all of this is imao, but ay I can talk yes or shit ?). What Flames and Koolaid brought up is just a little bit of all the things that should have been long ago but are still waiting to this day.
      Because let’s be serious : except the fact that form are cools, what do they add to the mod ? Raw content ? Yeah but everything does that so what else ? Nothing. No new game mechanics, customisation options, stories and missions, difficulty,… So from a raw content point of view they’re good but otherwise it does not add this much. I mean you just go to creative, see what it looks like, set up your multiplier and…. done. And so is the hype. Things like G3 hair, combat udapte or I dunno more customisation for Arcos and Namekians, why not even a new race (which would take much more time) last largely longer.

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