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      Hello. I was just browsing the config when i saw this

      # Server Sided! The listed transformation initials given the Legendary Boost only! (default: SS,SSG2,SSG3,SSFullPow,SS2,SS3,SS4,Full,Buffed,Giant,Form5,Ultimate)
      S:”Status Effect – Legendary – Boosted Transformations”=SS,SSG2,SSG3,SSFullPow,SS2,SS3,SS4,Full,Buffed,Giant,Form5,Ultimate


      And i wonder if this is just a placeholder or like ultra instinct (Because goku went Ssb which is like ssg2 before he went ultra instinct.

      I also saw this

      # Server Sided! The numbers are meant to be in percetage with the minimum at -1000% and maximum at 1000%. The negatives mean those are the transformation ki costs! Also percentages are still based on Power bonus amount.
      S:”Racial Skill Saiyan and Half-Saiyan – Ki Regeneration multipliers” <
      Base 100
      SS -20
      SSG2 -30
      SSG3 -40
      SSFullPow -5
      SS2 -20
      SS3 -100
      Oozaru -10
      Golden -40
      SSGod -40
      SSB -50
      SSGodR -10
      LSS -20
      LSS2 -20
      SS4 -50

      So if you have any theory’s, predictions, or just info, that’d be great.

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      SSG3 is actually Super Saiyan God 3, you can access it by having the God route selected at the GUI that opens up when your hold X, and it looks something like this.

      Also uh, I changed the multipliers of SSG3 a bit in the configs so don’t be surprised by the multiplier OWO

      Anyways uh, this form is nice n’ all, but you’ll have to do some work to achieve it. So uh, know how godform caps at lvl 2? Well, that’s a lie lmao. If you have enough TP and mind, and you spam click that upgrade button on godform, you can get it up to lvl 10. Not sure if the other levels do anything, but just getting it at lvl 4 is enough. It should unlock SSG3, don’t ask me how I know this, I’m one of Jin’s bug testers, I’m not supposed to be giving this kind of info but lol.

      Anyways, once you get godform to lvl 4, you need to go God, go kaioken x100, disable kaioken (On the X menu) and transform once again. That should put you at the SSGod3 state. Have fun with your form!!

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      But it turns me blue ;-; how do it really do it?!

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      Wait isn’t it SS Grade 3?!

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      Loool, yes Air. SSG3 Isn’t SSJ God 3, It’s Super Saiyan Grade 3. The picture he has is just a half-saiyan/Human with Red-Hair and Red eyes lel. You just got pranked bruh.

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      False. As the Picture proves, It does say that he’s a Saiyan and also in said Form. You just seem incapable of actually entering the Form Mint talked about. Also, It’s not Super Saiyan Grade 3 as that doesn’t have an Individual Multiplier. It just bases it from SSJ / FPSSJ, depending on what you have unlocked.

      Have you tried something as setting your God Form Level to the actually required Level?
      Or do you even have the Version required for this?

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        That’s Kinda wrong Asutrias since I tried changing the multipliers of ssg3 in the config I made it really high and when i went ss grade 3 it got really really high

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      Mr. Perfect Cell

      a bit strange jin would include something not yet confirmed possible to the mod. >w<

      edit. never mind gg guys xD

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        How did you do it please .-.

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        What version of the game .-.

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      He probably wanted to announce it as a New Years Special Secret or some kind of thing, as a Surprise but didn’t hide it well enough.

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      what version of the mod is required for it? cuz i followed every step

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      Could you not do this? SSG2 and 3 have been there for ages now and are for ASSJ and USSJ and, no, Asutrias the multiplier for ASSJ and USSJ does NOT depend on FPSSJ.

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      Due to continuous outside Intervention, I suppose It’s time to stop memeing. Thanks for ruining this >:(

      Anyways, yes you were correct. SSG3 translates into Super Saiyan Grade 3 or more well known as Ultra Super Saiyan. We’ve made up this meme, as Mint and I thought that the Question is just so hilariously dumb, that we just had to reply like that. (Trust me, I even thought YOU were joking until later on.)

      So, yeah.
      Uhh, just think ’bout the Question you’re asking about for 2 Minutes before you post it somewhere next time, please

      ‘Til next time.

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      Thanks guys for the help XD

      Or constructive criticism

      i understand that it was a dumb question to ask any thoughts of mine in the QUESTIONS forum.

      Thank you all for helping me understand that i’m just incompetent and tiny in the other thoughts of the questions forum.

      Thank you and merry Christmas. 🙂

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      uber gaming (yt)

      I rather have something Canon. As interesting as this is. I rather have UI

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      I am, at times, astounded by the ignorance and naivety of the people that play this mod and their lack of understanding of the config file.

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      Just let this die.

      No no dont write a reply NO just just let it die

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