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    The Spirit Bomb, otherwise known as the Genki-dama is a technique that collects the energy from living things, and planets alike. I am going to tell you today how the spirit bomb should be revamped.

    Energy Collection
    The Spirit Bomb collects energy from plants and animals, especially people. So to reflect that in minecraft, it should have a bar known as a “Spirit Bar” which will gradually fill up the more energy it collects. The energy will come from nearby plant blocks, and from players that participate in the Spirit Bomb minigame. There will be a “Lend Energy” Icon on your screen for you to send energy to charge the Genki-Dama. You can only press this button once.

    Alignment Detection
    The spirit bomb can only affect evil people, so if a player has a good alignment, and another player has an evil alignment, the bomb will only affect the evil player, and not the good players.

    Evil players only collect energy from hostile mobs and other evil or neutral players.

    Good players only collect energy from peaceful mobs and other good or neutral players.

    Neutral players collect energy from all alignments, and hostile and peaceful mobs, but the attack won’t be as powerful.

    (Optional) Spirit Absorbtion
    Here’s where things get real spicy– you will be able to absorb the spirit bomb, and use it as a gigantic boost to your strength and ki attacks! But this effect only lasts for a configurable amount of seconds before expiring. To absorb a spirit bomb, all you have to do is wait for the spirit meter to fill to the maximum, and once you see the spirit meter in a rainbow hue, that is when an “Absorb!” Button will appear on the screen, and you press a certain button to absorb the Spirit bomb. You will get a “Spirit Boost” effect added to you that lasts for a configurable amount of seconds, which increases your strength drastically.

    Hopefully, this will be implemented if even possible.

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    Maybe it would be cool if the Spirit Bomb had different stages. The longer you charge the Spirit Bomb, the higher stage you’ll reach, and the stronger it will become. Absorbing the Spirit Bomb at higher stages will give you a stronger power boost, if the stage is high high enough then it’ll practically be a transformation.

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