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    Ok I have not used it first hand, I am waiting for it to come out on the official DBC server before I use it. But I have been playing the mod for a year or two now and here are my thought on reworking the form a bit to help balance it. First off I think that while you are in the form you should gain double stamina and you should gain ki like you are resting at %0. Though I think you should not run out while you are in the form so if you are using ki or stamina but run out instead of actually running out it would just start boosting your pain bar much faster than if you were to rest and regain in the normal way. So if you can keep the form for 8:30 with just normal resting, than in omen if you kept punching or using ki that you do not have you would only be able to staying the form for 2 minutes? If you watch the episode Goku does not seem to get tired until he drops the form, so I think that the faster you fill the bar the more pain effect you should get after? Than I think we should make it so the form block %80 of damage from npc’s and only %40-50 from other players, again I have not tried it yet but just assuming that it is OP already from what I have read in the discord about it. Than for MUI I think the only change should be that you gain at triple rate and double for the ki? or maybe the the pain bar gains at half the rate so 4 minute of none stop punching? but a longer pain buff to go along with it. I think UI should be one of the forms that people use the most and rare for MUI to come out. Than to finish I think that UI should have a chance to automatically activate when your health drops below %20, it should not be a form that you have to activate but it should only try to activate when it is on so you can still train and not worry about using be accident.

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    Than I would like it if there were more status like divine, for instance lets say you talk to whis to become an angel in training so you would get an angel status. When you have the angel status your UI would be more defensive based. Or you could become a god of destruction in training, and it would give you a more attack based UI? though when I say attack based I think it should only be a %5 boost or less, it should not be a lot. Just little differences for late game instead of everyone running around with the same form and same race because they got the latest for i.e. Saiyan’s all the time. I would prefer if this status got fleshed out but at the very least I would like a bit more diversity in the late game, I feel like there is nothing setting apart people once they get god. You only get stronger but nothing new to show off or ways to be different.

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