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    Huan Carlos Falzon

    First idea is that wave and spiral attacks should do exposive dammage to the surounding area in a line dipending on which direction it was shot. Second idea is that ki attacks and the player’s aura should have primary and secondry colours cause if you see in dragon ball super for example they and multiple colours in there auras which is mostly noticable on goku black, ssj rose, ssj blue and friza’s gokden form.

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    1. That idea sounds nice, but would be hella hard to code.
    2. Same thing, everybody wants more ki colors but in order to mix them all up without getting a brown color or a bunch of lag is quite hard.

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      Andrew Hamilton

      actually, its already shown its not an issue, when u combine SSB with kaioken, its a blue flame aura with red on
      the outside

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      And also SSG has double layered aura

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    True, however for a few people it can get quite laggy.

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