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      So i want for the mod an update to do some things so lets begin the ppos(and to begin i kniw that is too hard to do a mod and upgrade and program it and it take too much time but this are simply ideas so kest begin):
      1-I think it can be good for the mod a system that have a 30% of chance of block the physical attacks(when you hold the right click)and in that block system your character don’t receive the damage of that physical attack.

      2-And i think it can be good to add a new transformation, the ultrainstinct but this time the ultrainstinct is the ultrainstinct dominated a transformation like the ultrainstinct but this time you can active the transformation all the time you want(like the ssj or the others transformations)and the way to get it is to talk a npc(a new npc like whis) or to talk again to king kai and you need first to have the normal ultrainstinct or you upgrade the ultrainstinct in the skills menu.
      And that are all my ideas two ideas but a too large topic.

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      Recently i have think too for a new transformation that is the SSJ RAGE or the SSJ BERSERKER a transformation loke the one that have future trunks while it was fighting with zamas and black to win time for goku and vegeta so i think it can be good to add various transformations and be updating the mod.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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