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      I Really like the new updates, but i still feel like it need something. So here are some of my ideas.(Sry for the bad grammar)

      Sayian classes
      So as we all know, there are sayian classes based on thier powerlevels. I think that theres should be some random chance that you could be “born” as a lowerclass,middleclass ect.

      I would love if there were citys, like the citys on the DB universe. If it would just be a bigger replacement for the original citys, i would still love to see some capsule corp buildings.

      LSSJ Rework

      Legendary Super Saiyan

      Custom forms
      If after you upgraded your Race forms fully, you’d have the ability to make a custom form With custom attributes and colors.

      Mastering form
      I know that SSJ fullpower/grade 4 is technically a mastered form of SSJ, but if you could master other forms to decrese thier energy cost, and increase thier multiplier

      What if forms
      SSJ5 if cool right? Well what if you could atttain it in DBC, that would be extremly cool right? And what about SSJG4, it would just make something more to stribe for.

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      Hi, I’m really loving the new mod updates and incredible attention but as a massive dragon ball fan there are some things my imagination couldn’t help playing with, and I feel like a lot of people would love it if it were added to the mod.

      You could put electricity on the attacks as they are charging or being fired. It should be an option when creating an attack and should increase the damage it does. (could also put it on Final flash)

      Make destructo disk pass through an enemy unless the enemy has high enough defence to block it or something. If the defence is useless then disks should be able to slice through it without damage reduction. ( could also do it for special beam cannon and other spiral attacks).

      You could make it an upgrade option for ball attack to grind thrice or four times before exploding (like wave attacks only shorter). It should be added to the SPIRIT BOMB.

      When blocking a blast attack that grinds(like wave attacks) if you have the strength and skill level( you could make it an upgradable skill) you should be able to either detonate the attack instantly or send it flying in a direction of your choosing(by blocking and hitting at the same time).

      We should be able to choose how an attack is fired. Like whether we want wave attacks to be fired the normal way or raised above our heads like a masenko or even fired with one hand (quite particular about the one handed). also large ball attacks should be able to be fired with one hand raised above the head (Inspirrd by frieza’s supernove attack which could be charged the normal way then raised above the head before firing).

      Bulma’s capsule corps building should be made available so we can use her gravity chamber to destroy robots and earn training points faster. It could be ailable once every 7 Minecraft days and her reason for it not being available on the other days could be that vegeta and the others are using it.

      We could be able to use image training to fight characters we’ve already met, like piccolo goku, frieza and the others. we should be able to select what percent of their power they use so that they aren’t too much for us to handle. We could even be able to fight characters we havent met so we can know whether we are strong enough to continue in the story mode or we need me training. Or you could make it that we can challenge characters in safe zones to spar from time to time and the more we fight them the harder they get(the more seriously they take us).

      You could make chargeable/heavy punches so we can deal more damage and put space between us and the target(send them flying). the distance they fly could depend on our punching ability and their flight and defence abilit( you could use the sound effect for the older versions of the mod).

      You could make a new, more wide spread barrage type that doesn’t always hit but will be good for distractions and annoying mobs ( you could make both hands to be moving in hitting motions for the firing animation).

      I love the new fusion updates and you probably get this a lot but when fused should be wearing the fusion clothes.

      We should be able to turn on and off the environmental damage of our explosive attacks without having to go through the config files.

      •BEAM ATTACKs:
      When someone is hit with a wave attack they shouldnt be able to move. their options should be to either take all the hits or block and try and send it flying somewhere else.

      Last but not the least, it’d be cool if we could cut off tails

      Thank you for reading, I’d love feedback.

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      Personally i think the mod is Amazing but i have a few ideas to edit training and make it more fun.

      1. Senkai Boosts (not sure if i spelled it wrong)
      this should just be if a player survives by eating a senzu or something on 0 health and manages to
      survive. A result of this could be a bit of tp proportionate to your level.

      2. Staying in a transformation
      Like in the cell saga Gohan and Goku get stronger and can use super saiyan for longer just by
      always using it. I think it would be good to change the mastered super saiyan state from unlocking
      it with jp to using it for a certain amount of time. I also think the longer you stay in a state
      the less ki it drains when you use it.

      3. Combos
      This one is not as much for training but it would make fighting so much more fun if we had new
      melee moves like combos or a chance to stun or some sort of heavy punch we could charge.

      Hopefully this is some help for new ideas 🙂

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      I think You should increase the TP limit and The attributes limit

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