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      Hey guys! This is my first topic here…so sorry if, by putting all this stuff together I’ve broken a rule…
      So here I’d like to put in some stuff I’ve been thinking about for the mod, and I(my opinion) think they’d be a nice additon to the mod. These could be big ideas, or small, but important details.So, here goes!
      1. New Skill:- Ki charge
      Now, before you say anything, I’d like to ask those here who aren’t ki builds, and focus on increasing strength more than anything…how long do you manage to hold your forms before you need a senzu?
      Come on, in the case of saiyans ESPECIALLY, our ss3 form…It drains pretty quick…and also, now that we have Ki Fist and Protection, well, these take away lots of ki. So my idea is, this’ll be an expensive skill, and goes to level 5. So this’ll be started with a key, like maybe F7 or something?So the longer you hold down the key, your ki will regen BUT! At level 1, this regens half your spirit stat(say it’s 500….it’d regen 250 ki)
      Every THREE seconds, since you’ve just got it. Level 2, it’d regen the same amount in two seconds and at level 3, it’d do it in a second. Then at level 4, it would regen your spirit stat(in this case, 500) in one and a half seconds, and at level 5, every second. So just step away from the battle, take a breather, charge your Ki and rush back in!
      2. Edit :- Healing liquid heals clothes?!
      So next up, we have the medical liquid. Now, anyone here doesn’t like roaming about without clothes/armour, that must take a real beating during fights, right? So how about staying in the healing liquid for say three seconds, heals your worn clothes by 1 durability? That’s not a lot, but we don’t want to give you auto regenerating armour, do we? You have to have patience. Also, this prevents items with huge enchants from becoming OP.
      3. Edit:- Fusion power?
      So here we have fusion, which multiplies the weaker stat from both players. Thing is, the only boost you’re getting is if your stats are around each others. My idea? Fusion could be the following formula:-
      ((P1stat + P2stat)/2) * 2.5, meaning the average of their stats multiplied by 2.5. OP? Not just yet. To balance this off, to perform fusion, you’d have to move/ stand in a certain way,(Move left, sneak, move right, then come on the same block as your partner while charging/transforming WHILE the fusion ha sound’s playing) and if executed imperfectly….well, you saw Veku, didn’t you?
      NOTE:- Some of this stuff could be tough to code, Idk how tough since I’ve never tried modding Minecraft…but it’d be cool if you gave it a try.:)
      So yeah, for now these are all, if I have more ideas I’ll post them as separate topics to draw more attention to them. Well, thank you for reading!Let me know how you found these:- trash, cool or OP and unbalancing?

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      Arlic bread

      Kind charge is already a thing it’s just a config it’s the meditation skill and Canada key

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      Ahh, but meditation auto regents ki in base form….

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        I agree with the config bit but it’d be cool to then configure it to manually refill ki in any form

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