So, is there a way to remove mind requirement?

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    For both single player and server, i’m starting a roleplay server for me and some friends (not thinking of making it public) and i wanted to remove the mind req. cuz i raised the cost for some skills, grinding for mind isn’t really that fun as it can make the progression through the story system kinda slow for you have to raise the mind to get skills and u don’t get stuff like strength and constitution, then u end up having to grind more and more when u raise the mind, for it raises the cost of the next upgrade. I’ve messed around in the files a little bit, but i can only get a minimum of 5 mind req for everything even though i set it to ‘0.0’. Anyway, i know the system was made for making the players HAVE to grind for rewards, but i really just want some slightly more casual gameplay for my lil rpg. Sincerely, Me

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    you can give mind through commands and i thnk it wont up the upgrade cost. you cant disable it.

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    You can reduce the mind requirements in the config just look for mnd req

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