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    The topic should be enough to understand the suggestion, but to elaborate… The current way that skills are displayed feels neither useful, nor aesthetically pleasing, and I think implementing them into trees would solve that using icons that have a visual related to the skill and descriptions for each skill when hovered over with the mouse. I’ve made a couple of examples to explain.

    Saiyan Transformation Skill Tree

    Now, even though that’s rough, and I’m not the greatest artist, I still think that looks better than just the word Transformation on a bland background with a number beside it. It also allows specific transformations to be picked or ignored. For clarification’s sake Oozaru will be present on the screen when you have a tail, and the skill descriptions (which I didn’t add in, but are easy to imagine) would state as much, as well as tell how to activate it.

    Combat Skill Ideas

    In case you’re wondering, no, not all of these skills are in the mod, I was just adding more clutter to showcase possibilities. That also happens to be another reason I am proposing skill trees, they offer an outlet for more fine tuned true active skills and passive buffs to be added in seamlessly in an approachable manner.


    Sorry for this one being even more rough cut than the other two, but it is a simpler idea. Just my idea of how to present the skill trees, which would combine the attribute and skill tabs into one. That way, if any skills require certain attributes (which would be cool if implemented), you can simply glance to the left to check them, and improve them if needed. Now, I’ll go over any questions that could be had.

    Q1. What use would teacher’s be?
    A1. Barbecue Sauce They’ll still be needed for many skills, and the description of the skill should indicate that you’ll need a teacher, or one specific teacher (such as King Kai for Kaioken).

    Q2. What does “Tree Options” mean?
    A2. You choose which tree you wish to look at, such as (just ideas here) Transformations, Transportation (includes dashing, flight, and *fingers crossed for the day it’s added* Instant Transmission), Combat, Survival (I made sorta made another suggestion about this some time ago), and Crafting (perhaps have craftable items added by the mod restricted?)

    Q3. What exactly would skills show when hovered over?
    A3. The skill/perk’s name, a short description of it’s effects, if it’s passive or active, whether or not it requires a trainer, and TP Cost.

    Q4. About the non-racial transformations?
    A4. They’d be displayed to the right of the racial skill tree, with God Form making it’s own little skill tree for Saiyans/Half-Saiyans (or all if God Ki skill is added, then the base form God Ki would be the beginning of the tree, followed by a true God Form, then SSJ Blue for Saiyans/Half-Saiyans).

    Q5. Why are the drawn examples meh?
    A5. Because I drew them on paper and took pics because they’d look even worse if I attempted to do them digitally…. just trust me on that.

    Q6. Why does the next question exist?
    Q7. I felt like being witty, and it makes this list look more impressive.

    Q7. Why are the last two questions and answers completely irrelevant?
    A7. I wanted 7 to match the Dragon Balls.

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    This is great.

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    I like the idea with the skill trees, it could add more depth to the mod.

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    very yes, mega support.

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    Sam Noé

    Totally approving this

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    Very good Idea ! I suport!

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