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    Hey. I believe that another more realistic way to level up your skills is by having, and using a skill for so long, after buying it, it shall start leveling up. Let’s say that someone has the fly skill. He uses it a lot. He would gain experience with that technique and it would gradually start leveling up, and so on. Tell me if this would be a good thing to implement in the mod.

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    kinda like the ki attacks are rn right ? that would actually be way better than just punching things, it would actually feel like you’re practicing something. good idea.

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    I like the idea too, but one problem, what if it a skill that you can’t use it like you say and there must be a condition to use it, like ki boost, you can in a sense use it but it just boosts your ki and you can use it like that and practice it like what you said?

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