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      I’m going to propose some simple ideas that can help improve the mod if Jin likes them.

      Pupils in the Legendary Super Saiyan
      Since there are many people who bother the pupils and others who do not, I think you should add a button in the action menu to activate and deactivate the pupils in the transformation, similar to the one for the mask of the fifth form.

      Super Saiyan 4
      In Dragon Ball GT Goku became an adult by becoming SS4 even as a child, similar to the Ozaru, a child does not differentiate an adult transformed into Ozaru. The idea is that if a child transforms into SS4 look like an adult just like what happens with the Ozaru.

      Ultimate Form
      The new aura of the Ultimate Form is great, but it is not very aesthetic to change the color of the form while the aura is still golden. Simply make players can also customize the color of the aura of the Ultimate Form.

      Sorry for my bad english, thanks for read nwn

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      I think the reason Goku looked like a adult in SSJ4, is because it negated the wish upon him. I think that if he haven’t gotten turned into a kid and was always a kid for whatever reason, would be a child SSJ4.

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