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      I put the files for the mod in a 1.7.10 folder even followed the instillation video that JinGames youtube account posted the exact way they showed it and I’m still having the issue of everytime I try to make a world and load in I get the message “Shutting down internal Server” any advice from anyone that could tell me why this is happening?

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      I’m guessing you’ve all ready done forge installer and all that and put mod files in the right places.

      Are you possibly loading other mods with these?
      It sounds like a block shares an id number with something in jins mods.
      I know some technology mods conflict sometimes with dragonblock. though mostly in other world..

      though if your doing naruto and use mathiocks naruto mod it doesnt work with the newer versions. I think pre ultra instinct versions work with that one.

      it could be an entity id conflict as well.. hard to say.

      Im not sure what it could be if only using jins mods unless something is missing..

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        I wasn’t using any other mods. I only had the dragonblock mod and kept having that issue. I have forge, the JRM core, client, and then the dragonblock mod when I kept having this issue. I may be missing but I followed the video they posted on how to install it exactly and kept having the issue. Is it possible it’s just my minecraft having issues?

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      Im having the same problem!

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      hmm. id say uninstall and run a clean install.
      run minecraft first start a world then close out.
      install the forge mods open start a world and close out. should see the extra options on main menu for mods.
      if that worked minecraft should be good. then install the dbc jrmc ect mods. and try it again.
      if there are problems after that point at least we’d know its not minecraft on its own.

      it could be not enough ram possibly even over the limit ill get lag with the mod sometimes. i know on an older pc it was very demanding on it.
      id also suggest updating java runtimes if you’ve never run mods on minecraft before just to be safe. should be an orange square in the system tray. should be able to right click it and update.

      depending on which gpu (graphics card ) you have may need to open the control panel for that gpu and add minecraft to use the gpu to render, and may need to change the launch settings for the modded version of minecraft to use more virtual ram.
      but thats once you have mods working, id say test minecraft first with a clean install, then install forge, then the mods.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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