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    So recently I’ve decided to make a server but I’m having trouble with the npcs as they are doing actual damage to the players hearts and not their DBC health. The npcs work on single player but do not work on multiplayer so I figured it was an issue with a plugin. The plugins my server is currently running are…

    1. Clearlag
    2. Essential
    3. Essentials Antibuild
    4. Essentials Chat
    5. Essentials Spawn
    6. Item Command
    7. Vault
    8. World Edit
    9. world guard.

    If you’ve have this issue or know the problem please let me know and how to fix it.

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    You must use multiverse-core plugin to make more worlds and if you want pvp in one world let it and if you wanna remove pvp in one world type /jrmcpvp fale and then you won’t have pvp

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    What. Pvp works perfectly fine. The issue is custom npcs hurting the players minecraft hearts instead of the Health provided by Dragon Block C.

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    I did a test and removed every plugin from my list and I’m still having this problem. I assume it must be an issue with one of the gamerules or server properties that is causing this issue

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    If anyone knows how to fix this please inform me as I’ve done everything I can think of. I’ve gone through each config file even going as far as removing all my plugins and trying the jrmcpvp true command and still none of worked.

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