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    According to the information i got from some players, i see some lackage of current stats. Which are :
    – Low Stamina due to the ratio of str and con is 1:1 in current max.
    – excessive mind unused
    – unexpected low defense (average 4 per stats wont be enough to last a long pvp session without senzus)
    – small health variety among class to class is too small to make more fun.
    – willpower is nearly abandoned due to how unpopular it is.
    – spirit will be low to hold some forms with new stat caps (such like 40% or above forms)

    with the above lackage, player would like to have more stamina instead of 1:1 str to con ratio
    My suggested new stats caps for each stat :
    Strength : 150000
    Dexterity : 150000
    Con : 300000
    willpower : 150000
    mind : 20000
    spirit : 200000

    if there is any missing or mistakes, tell me through the reply.

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